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Clean, fresh carpets can make a significant difference to your home or business. Unfortunately, they absorb and trap dirt, dust, and other unpleasant odors, which can be harmful to you and your family’s health. Our cleaners provide restoration and professional cleaning Services using eco and family-friendly products.

Our team is fully insured, experienced, and IICRC certified. We use modern equipment and don’t cut corners on chemicals or cleaning techniques. We know what we are doing, with a great cleaning process ,with over 25 years of experience in the industry.

Ecosan professional carpet cleaning

Our primary cleaning solutions are organically sourced, biodegradable, and chemically safe for your family and the environment. We use the best cleaning machines NZ has available for our carpet cleaning Auckland services. We follow the New Zealand/Australian industry standard AS/NZS 3733-2018 for all our cleaning services.

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Spills and stains on your carpets and rugs can be inevitable and hard to remove. We provide an expert cleaning advice and solutions for stubborn stain removal, including natural fibers such as wool, oriental rugs, and cotton.

Investing in professional and the best carpet cleaning Auckland services is essential to protect your investment and make your interior look great. At Ecosan Solutions, we provide reliable, professional, and eco-friendly services at competitive prices. Give yours a new lease of life today by contacting us for a free quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every 6 to 18 Months is the the recommended frequency for restorative cleaning [Hot water extraction] according to the New Zealand/ Australian industry standard AS/NZS 3733-2018 – This is for both sanitation reasons and to prevent premature wear and discolouration to the carpets.

From $20 to $60 per room. Prices vary from company to company and the quality of service and the experience of the operator varies greatly also. * Some companies charge by the square meter, although this is usually reserved for commercial carpet cleaning in Auckland, NZ

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1 – 2 hours for standard residential homes. Larger homes or those that are heavily soiled may need more time. After steam cleaning, allow a few hours for drying.

Standard cleaning services will remove both solvent soluble and water soluble soils and marks. Stains which consist of dyes such as cordials, black tea, hair dye may need specialised treatments. We may need to test the sensitivity to chemical also before starting some stain work. Usually stains such as coffee, some natural food dyes etc. are removed or reduced during the general cleaning process. EcoSan also provides specialised stain removal methods for more difficult to remove stains.

Carpets usually take 2 to 6 hours to dry. Drying times are largely influenced by weather conditions and temperature, as well as the condition before cleaning. EcoSan Solutions often use blowers or dehumidifiers to force dry them decreasing drying times a lot.

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