Give your carpets a new lease on life with Ecosan carpet cleaning and stain removal service

Clean carpets make a big difference to your home or business. Between cleanings, carpets and rugs absorb and trap dirt and odours, and even less pleasant – high concentrations of dust mite allergens build up. This is not good for you or your family, especially babies and pets. All these important considerations aside, regular carpet, upholstery and rug cleaning protects your investment and makes your interior look great.

Ecosan professional carpet cleaning

Restore, rejuvenate and revitalise your carpets with eco and family-friendly products

Is your carpet too heavily soiled or damaged for cleaning alone? Talk to us about carpet restoration work. Ecosan can help you after a flood or fire, just ask us for an insurance quote. Perhaps your carpets are just plain old? Ecosan can re-lay, re-stretch, and patch your carpet, so you can get the best out of it for some time to come.

Brand-new carpets have UV filters applied to them which prevent the carpet fading. Over time and with repeated wear, the filters are removed. Ecosan can apply new UV protection for an additional fee with our other carpet cleaning and repair services, at minimal inconvenience to you. UV protection will extend the life of your carpet.

Ecosan’s primary carpet cleaning solutions are organically sourced, biodegradable and chemically safe for your family. Ecosan cares about the environment, and about your health. Our carpet cleaning solutions don’t add to our competitive prices – caring for the environment is part of industry best practice, and looking after the Earth shouldn’t cost the Earth!

Remove stubborn stains on your carpets and rugs

At Ecosan we recommend that if your carpets suffer a spill or stain, make sure that you treat the area as quickly as possible, to make it easier to remove. Ideally you should do this before the stain dries or soaks deep into your carpet.

Sometimes, though, things don’t go according to plan, and a standard cleaning (including pre-treatment of spots) isn’t quite enough for heavily-stained carpets and rugs. Ecosan can go the extra mile with carpet stain removal treatments. If you need a stubborn stain removed from your carpet or rug, contact Ecosan for a quote.

Why clean your carpets?

You vacuum your floors on a regular basis, and they’re looking pretty good. So why bring in a specialist?

There’s plenty of excellent reasons to have your carpet professionally cleaned. The health and happiness of your loved ones is one of the best. Carpets act like a big filter in your home, absorbing and trapping all sorts of dirt, spills, chemicals and other substances. Do you have a crawling baby, or children who like to play inside? They’re a lot closer to the floor than you are on a regular basis! Give them a clean, sanitary, healthy place to play and grow. Getting rid of the dust mite allergens collected in your carpets will also promote good respiratory health for your whole family.

If you’re looking to sell your home, you want it to look its best. Don’t underestimate how much a professional carpet cleaning service will brighten up a room. Not to mention, clean carpets smell fresher. Give your home that ‘new house smell’ and watch the buyers line up!

Professional cleaning also extends the life of your carpet. Ecosan’s carpet cleaning methods offer maximum clean with minimal wear and tear compared to frequent vacuuming. Protect your investment with Auckland’s best carpet cleaning service.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service right in your home

Ecosan will assess your carpet and determine the best method of cleaning, considering the age and condition of the carpet, the material, the degree and type of soiling, and the manufacturer’s recommendation. A number of carpet cleaning methods can be employed – our flexible service will adapt to your needs. Want to find out more about our range of specialist carpet cleaning methods? Give us a call today! We look forward to talking to you.

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