Carpet repair and reinstallation services

Is your carpet showing ripples or bubbles? Are the edges in doorways loose, nap-lock bars need replacing or the carpets fibres fraying? EcoSan Solutions can repair several issues with carpets, improving both the appearance of your flooring, reducing trip hazards and lengthening the carpets life.

Why do my carpets need to be re-stretched?

As carpets age they sometimes will need a re-stretch. Constant foot traffic flexes the carpets construction. Historic flooding situations such as a bathroom or kitchen overflow or leaking plumbing can affect the carpets adhesives which may not correct 100% when dried. When carpets are first installed, they need to be stretched when installed, this is sometimes not done correctly especially in difficult areas. Although this may not be evident for several years, the carpet may later show signs that it is no longer taught.

Carpets which are stretched tight flex around a lot less; this results in less friction and reduces wear. Carpets which show ripples or excess movement will have a shorter life and will eventually be damaged beyond repair. Commercial carpets are usually glued down for this reason, since the carpet cannot move around, it will endure foot and trolley friction much longer. Call EcoSan to take a look at your carpets if you need a nip and tuck.

Nap lock and edging bars

Nap lock bars are often used at the carpet edge where a hard floor such as tiles or floorboards meets the carpet. These can sometimes lose grip of the carpet due to the age and traffic or sometimes poor installation. This results in the carpets edge showing and the fibres fraying. EcoSan Solutions can often reinstate the carpets and improve the fitment to ensure it does not fail again.

Broken and separated seams

Unlike many years ago when carpet seams where hand stitched together, modern methods include the use of heat bond tape. Heat bonding tape is a very strong method of bonding seams together and can often be invisible if done correctly. However these can sometimes fail due to flooding, over stretching, or pet damage. EcoSan Solutions can repair and re bond seams, giving your flooring a new life.

Carpet inserts [Patching]

House Dogs and Cats can damage carpets by scratching and chewing edges and corners. Stains such as cordial, hair dye, hair toner, bleaches, and burns can damage carpet beyond what can be repaired by any carpet cleaning methods.

EcoSan Solutions can repair these by patching the carpets with carpet inserts. Often a piece of carpet can be sacrificed from a wardrobe if a spare piece of carpet is not available. If the replacement patch is identical to the original carpets colour, the patch is often imperceptible.

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