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Are you looking for professional commercial carpet cleaning services in Auckland? Look no further than EcoSan Solutions. We understand the importance of maintaining the appearance of your business premises and keeping your carpets clean, fresh, and hygienic.

Our team of professional cleaners has years of experience in commercial carpet cleaning and can handle any type of carpet regardless of its size, shape, or fabric. We offer a range of commercial carpet cleaning services to meet your specific needs, including deep cleaning, low-moisture cleaning, stain and spot removal, and odor elimination.We use eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for your employees, clients, and customers. Our cleaning process is thorough and efficient, and we guarantee that your carpets will be free of dirt, dust, stains, and odors. We also offer flexible cleaning schedules that do not interfere with your business operations.

In a commercial setting, every positive impression you make on your clients is crucial. Your furniture, office setting and interior décor need to communicate your professionalism and respect for clients. We understand the marginal gains that a great office can bring. That is why at EcoSan Solutions, we provide commercial carpet cleaning Auckland businesses love and trust. Commercial carpets are usually found in corporate office buildings, factory floors and executive offices. These carpets are quite different from the carpets in a home, also called residential carpets. They are meant to provide a professional statement for your business, yet be hardy enough to take constant wear. Just as these carpets are different, so is their care and maintenance.

A common mistake that businesses make is to assume that any carpet cleaning agency will do, since it’s just carpets. But that is often wrong. At EcoSan Solutions, we are specialists in commercial carpet cleaning and maintenance, servicing several businesses with 300 to over 20,000 meters of carpets. We know that when carpets get so vast you can’t take them all in at once, there is a tendency for spot degradation to occur. When dealing with these carpets, it is important to provide specialized care to maintain and prolong the life of the carpets. This is why we implement best standards in employing professional commercial carpet cleaning Auckland residents trust 100%.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our services are versatile and can be customised to meet the unique requirements of various industries, including offices, retail spaces, and hospitality.

We employ specialised stain reduction techniques and high-traffic area treatments to ensure thorough cleaning and restoration of heavily used carpeted areas.

Our team is experienced in cleaning various commercial carpet types and flooring materials. We tailor our approach to suit the specific needs of your carpets.

Yes, we can schedule cleaning appointments during off-hours or weekends to avoid disrupting your business operations.

The duration varies based on the size of the area, level of soiling, and the cleaning method employed. Typically, it may take a few hours for the carpets to dry after cleaning. Usually we can complete 400 to 2000+ Meters of carpet cleaning in one weekend or evening depending on conditions.

What makes Commercial Carpets so different from residential?

Residential carpets are often made of stretched-in carpets secured on the floor to the edge. Consisting of carpets of either Woollen or Synthetic fibres of either Nylon or Triexta [Polyester Modified], these carpets are more comfortable than functional. To ensure a soft comfortable substrate, Residential carpets are commonly laid with underlay, usually a foam rubber type.

Commercial carpets, on the other hand, are usually adhered to the floor using adhesives. This common practice, going back decades, ensures that the carpet’s textile does not move around under foot or furniture. As a result, the carpet is considerably more resistant to wear and tear due to inhibited friction of foot traffic, trolleys and office chairs.

Commercial grade carpets normally consist of higher grade and resistant fibres. When using wool, manufacturers choose a less refined, thicker and sometimes coarser wool. Yarns are often twisted to assist with durability and aid the wool’s resilience. Nylon carpets of commercial grade also consist of twisted yarns to give already strong nylon even more strength to compression and traffic.

Effective maintenance of these carpets will require a more considered approach. Due to their more durable construction, measures such as steam extraction, restorative cleaning and encapsulation cleaning will be vital to keeping your carpets clean and attractive. With the introduction of modern commercial carpets, such as Modular Carpet Tiles, commercial carpet cleaning agencies need to adopt even better strategies.

Modular Carpet Tiles

Consistent with the needs of businesses, companies continue to have a demand for high durability, stain resistant, easy cleaning and maintenance qualities in their carpets.

Due to this demand, manufacturers introduced modular carpet tiles to provide the professional look and durability that businesses love. These carpet tiles have changed the way executive and corporate offices cover their floors.

Before the introduction of carpet tiles, carpets were laid in rolls of 3.66 meters. This meant whole buildings would need to be emptied of furniture so the carpets could be installed. Needless to say, this was very uncomfortable.

If the carpets were unfortunately damaged by stains, flooding, fire or casters from desk chairs, often the whole carpet or large sections would require replacement.

But modulated carpet tiles, each measuring around 120cm sq., can be installed, removed and replaced, individually or all together. This makes installation, cleaning and maintenance much easier.

Benefits of modulated carpet tiles

  • Makeup: The makeup of these carpets enables them to be functional and durable.
  • Impervious backing: The carpet often comes with a rubberised or plastic back material in which the carpet fibres are moulded or punched into. The backing is 100% water-proof. This means that, in situations of flooding or over wetting from over enthusiastic cleaning methods, the carpets will not suffer wet back.
  • Synthetic pile: The pile of these carpets is usually made of fibres made out of Nylon or Polypropylene. These may be very wear resistant such as required for a factory floor office or brightly coloured and decorative for a corporate environment.
  • Soil resistance and after care: Carpet tiles are maintenance friendly. They enable easy maintenance, keeping facility maintenance cost lower for companies and reducing harsh chemical use and water to maintain carpets year-round.

Our carpet cleaning Auckland services include a keen understanding and vast knowledge of the types of commercial carpets and how they can be best maintained. At EcoSan we have all the means to effectively and efficiently carry out commercial cleaning, for careful maintenance and satisfactory use.

Due to our proficiency, we often get requests to clean residential carpet using our commercial standards. EcoSan Solutions provides carpet cleaning solutions for both Commercial and Residential situations. Both method and principle of cleaning are shared with both commercial and residential floor coverings.

For best results with commercial carpet cleaning, equipment such as steam injection cleaning machines, extraction wands, vacuum compacity need to be more efficient and higher performing in comparison to much residential needs. Often portable machinery is used in high rise buildings and high security areas such as closed door policy businesses. EcoSan’ equipment caters primarily for the more demanding commercial situations.

We provide the best of commercial carpet cleaning Auckland at EcoSan Solutions

Small spot cleaning of marks and spills is usually simple and can be accomplished by a general cleaner or in-house staff. Commercial carpets should however be professionally maintained to keep the asset in good condition, visually clean, free from excessive wear causing premature replacement and to keep the office indoor environment clean, safe and presentable.

EcoSan Solutions methods for cleaning

  • Pre-Conditioning: An important start to an effective carpet clean is always using a high quality pre conditioning agent. This is usually a wet solution applied to the carpet and designed to break down water tension, as well as soften and disperse soils of many types including oil based and water based soils. The carpets soils will be prepared to be extracted via the flushing action of Hot Steam Extraction.
  • Agitation: According to NZ/AUS Standard for Commercial Carpet Cleaning, agitation is a must for an effective clean. After the pre conditioning solution has been applied these solutions should be agitated into the pile, further loosening soils in preparation for extraction. Many operators skip this step to save time since effective pre conditioners and pre sprays seem to get the desired result and agitation takes extra time and staff. However, with commercial grade carpets being manufactured to traffic resistant standards, soils often adhere more strongly to fibre surfaces. Only agitation with a power operated rotary scrubber or counter rotating brushes will effectively reverse traffic soiling and discolouration. Machine scrubbing should be administered between 100 and 400 RPM for best results.
  • Steam Extraction: We then employ steam extraction with the hot water or steam injected into the carpets pile, this is then momentarily extracted with vacuums. This action is a physical flushing action. Removing both dry particulate soils like sand and dust and also oils, grease and organic groups such as food, drinks, and sugars. Anything which is mobile will be removed. A Textile rinse aid is often added to the steam to aid the removal of chemical and pre spray remnants as well as ensuring that carpets remain at a good PH level and keep stain resistance qualities after the clean.

Finally, we ensure that our carpet cleaning Auckland services are provided in an expedited manner to ensure that your business can maintain a clean environment within the shortest time possible.

For the best possible commercial carpet cleaning Auckland businesses trust, and in order to keep your flooring assets in the best condition possible, call EcoSan Solutions today.

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