Specialist Carpet Stain Treatment

EcoSan Solutions provides professional carpet stain removal services for carpets and rugs Auckland wide. We have over 25 Years of experience in the carpet restoration business – our carpet technicians are confident and experienced in removing all types of stains from all types of carpet.

Stain Removal for Differing types of Carpet

Carpets, Rugs and other floor coverings consist of Wool – Nylon – Triexta – Rayon – Poly Viscose -Polyester – Cotton and Goat Hair. These are just some of the types of fibre used in common carpets which cover floors and commercial buildings across Auckland.
Identifying the type of carpets being treated is very important as all these products react differently to stain removal methods. They also respond differently to spills which create stains. Some carpets and Rugs are very stain resistant, others more vulnerable. Also carpets may have added Stain resistance treatment or other products such as anti-bacterial and anti-static solutions. Some fibre types may show less staining but other issues may arise such as over wetting, odour issues and soil returning after cleaning. [Wicking]

Removing Stains From Wool Carpets

Many household floors are covered with woollen carpets. In fact New Zealand has some of the highest amount of Wool fibre used in flooring across the world. The cost of manufacturing wool in comparison to synthetic fibres is high, so often, home owners have paid a premium for their carpeting.

Wool carpets can be remarkably stain resistant and even food dyes, red wine, coffee and tannin products can often be removed without damaging the wool content.

Stain removal treatments on Wool carpets should be done only by an experienced carpet cleaning technician. Chemicals and methods should be wool friendly. Due to Synthetic carpets holding a dominant position in the carpet market, many stain reduction chemical and methods are not designed specifically for Wool which is much more sensitive to certain processes intended for synthetic carpets. Keep in mind Synthetic carpets are designed to mimic wool qualities, it is important the carpet cleaning technician can discern the fibre type.

Removing Stains From Dispersed Dyed Nylon Carpet

This type of fibre used in carpets is mostly now a thing of the past but there is still a few upmarket and eco-friendly labels using these Nylons mostly in commercial carpet tiles. Unlike solution dyed nylon these are not stain proof. Dispersed dyed nylons are quite stain resistant but they can absorb stains. Acid dyes like found in most soft drinks will quickly attach to the carpets dye sites, even red wine can stain these carpets. The premium dispersed dye nylon carpets products usually have stain resistance products applied at the factory which would last five to ten years. These need to be reapplied from time to time to keep the performance to standard.

EcoSan solutions are very experienced in reducing staining which can occur with Dispersed dyed nylon.

Removing Stains From Solution Dyed Nylon Carpet

Solution Dyed Nylon is the most common type of synthetic carpets in New Zealand. A very strong, fade and stain resistant carpet fibre with a proven track record. However these carpets can still be stained by soft drinks, make up, chemicals, tannins such as Coffee, Tea, Red Wine, food colouring and water stains.

With the correct carpet stain removal methods used however, there are not many stains which cannot be reversed. Call EcoSan today for advice if you have a spill or stain on your carpet.

Removing Stains From Triexta Carpet

Triexta is modified Polyester. Marketed with an Eco friendly label, many Triexta carpets are made using renewable corn feed to substitute petro-chemical ingredients. Similar to Solution Dyed Nylon the Polyester is a stain proof material incapable of absorbing stains. Triexta is unique as it has a very low surface tension which means soils and spills do not adhere to the fibre. Minimal effort is required to remove soils and stains. Low moisture carpet stain removal techniques are important for this carpet fibre type. Call EcoSan if you need advice on removing stains with Triexta carpets in Auckland.

Goat Hair Rug Stain Removal

Many oriental rugs and floor coverings use Goat hair as a very durable low density fibre. Goat hair is very strong and resistant to soiling and stains. Caution needs to be exercised with both general cleaning and stain removal techniques. Specialised chemical formulations should be used with these rugs. Many of these genuine products are dyed with organic dyes – organic dyes can bleed or merge so these rugs should be treated only by a professional carpet cleaner intimately acquainted with this product.

EcoSan has vast experience with Stain removal and reduction techniques on various carpet installations and fibre types. If you have a stain or spill of any type, call us today for carpet cleaning advice.

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