Professional Carpet Stain Removal Services in Auckland

Expert Stain Removal for All Types of Carpets and Floor Coverings

Looking for professional carpet stain removal Auckland services ? Look no further than EcoSan Solutions. With over 25 years of experience in the carpet cleaning restoration business, our carpet technicians are confident and experienced in removing all types of stains from carpets and rugs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Baking soda is a neutraliser and in powder form an absorbent product. When applied to a spill on carpet, Baking soda can help neutralise strong acids and alkaline and will absorb moisture to prevent more staining of the carpets. Baking Soda may not remove stains very well but is an excellent and safe product to apply to a spill immediately. Including pet and human vomit, urine, coffee and tea spills, red wine, battery acid etc.

Bleaches and Pet urine can remove colour from the carpets dyes, when this occurs it is not referred to as a stain, rather colour loss or discolouration. These can not be removed with stain treatment, but may be resolved with other methods such as dying or patching. Most permanent stains can be removed or reduced even on wool carpets.  Damage such as acid from batteries and burns may need to be cut out and replaced. EcoSan can reduce many permanent stains, such as cordial dyes, coffee and tea tannin, red wine, ball point ink, shoe polish and spices.

General bookings for stain removal is between $215.00 & $300.00. A lot of stains will not become more difficult to remove if not treated early but others especially on Wool carpets may need treatment ASAP. Contact EcoSan for advice if you spill something or have an accident. See more carpet cleaning prices here

Many types of stains can be removed or reduced from carpets, including Cordial/Soft drink dyes, Coffee, Tea, Make up, Nail Polish, Candle wax, Blood, general discolouration. * The ability for Ecosan to remove stains can be influenced by previous client or professional attempts at removal. Contact Ecosan for advice if you have an accident or spill.

Different types of carpets and floor coverings require different stain removal methods. Carpets can consist of wool, nylon, triexta, rayon, poly viscose, polyester, cotton and goat hair, among others. Our experienced technicians can identify the type of carpet being treated and apply the appropriate stain removal method.

Wool carpets, for example, can be remarkably stain-resistant, and even food dyes, red wine, coffee and tannin products can often be removed without damaging the wool content. However, stain removal treatments on wool carpets should be done only by an experienced carpet cleaning technician using wool-friendly chemicals and methods.

Solution-dyed nylon is the most common type of synthetic carpet in New Zealand, and while it is very strong and fade-resistant, it can still be stained by soft drinks, make-up, chemicals, tannins such as coffee, tea, red wine, food colouring and water stains. With the correct carpet stain removal methods, there are not many stains that cannot be reversed.

At EcoSan Solutions, we are also experienced in removing stains from dispersed dyed nylon, which is mostly used in commercial carpet tiles, and triexta, a modified polyester marketed with an eco-friendly label. We also specialize in removing stains from goat hair rugs and other floor coverings that use low-density fibers.

If you have a spill or stain on your carpet or rug, don’t hesitate to call EcoSan Solutions for advice. Our team of experts can help you identify the type of carpet and apply the appropriate stain removal method. Contact us today for professional carpet stain removal services in Auckland.

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