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About Woolen Carpets

Unlike synthetic carpets, woolen carpets require gentle and sensitive cleaning solutions that are tailored to the natural protein makeup of the woolen yarns. At Ecosan, we have extensive experience in cleaning wool carpets, including those with unique construction and backing materials that are made up of natural fibers and glues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hot water extraction is considered the best cleaning method for wool carpets because it is a deep-cleaning process that effectively removes dirt, dust, and other debris from the carpet fibers without causing damage. Wool is a delicate fiber that requires gentle cleaning methods, and hot water extraction provides a thorough clean without using harsh chemicals or abrasive techniques. Additionally, this method uses hot water to extract dirt and stains from the carpet, which is then immediately vacuumed up, leaving the carpet clean and dry. This technique is also known to improve the overall appearance of wool carpets and extend their lifespan.

The drying time for wool carpets in Auckland after hot water extraction cleaning can vary based on factors such as humidity, temperature, and airflow. Typically, wool carpets take between 2-6 hours to fully dry after hot water extraction cleaning. However, it’s crucial not to leave wool carpets damp for an extended time as it can lead to mold growth and fiber damage. To speed up the drying process, increase ventilation by using fans or opening windows to decrease humidity levels in the room or EcoSan can provide drying equipment.

Ecosan.co.nz provides a safe and efficient solution for removing stains from wool carpets. Wool carpets are durable, but can be challenging to clean, particularly when it comes to removing stains. Ecosan.co.nz uses eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning agents designed specifically for wool carpets. Our experienced professionals know how to safely remove stains without damaging the carpet’s quality or longevity. Our stain removal process ensures that your wool carpet looks clean and refreshed. If you’re looking for safe and effective wool carpet stain removal, trust Ecosan.co.nz.


The Benefits of Wool Carpets

There are many unique benefits to wool carpets that are not found in other fiber types. For example, wool has a natural crimp that makes it resilient and able to bounce back even when heavy furniture has been sitting on it for some time. Additionally, wool fibers have a unique shape that shields soils from sight, making for a more forgiving textile.

Wool fiber is also hydrophilic, which means it loves water and can absorb much of its body weight in water. This makes wool carpets easier to clean and maintain using water and water-borne cleaning solutions, with less need for mineral solvents that can harm the environment. Wool is also moderately oil-phobic, making it resistant to greasy oily soils that can soil carpets.

Woolen carpets also help to regulate humidity inside the home and office, acting like a sponge to release moisture in the gas state on drier days. This effect helps to warm a home or office more efficiently as dryer air warms more readily. Additionally, woolen carpets are surprisingly efficient at cleaning the air from pollutants, including many known harmful gases and carcinogenic elements.

Woolen carpets are warm underfoot and can make the indoor environment much more comfortable on a cold day. Additionally, wool is a renewable fiber that takes much less energy, chemistry, and resources to process compared to synthetic fibers, making it a sustainable choice. Finally, wool is fire-safe and will self-extinguish when exposed to flame.

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