Rapid Disinfection of Coronavirus Contamination Spots for Homes and Businesses

If your home or business has been visited by a person carrying the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), you need to act fast to contain the virus. While most homes and businesses may be closed to visitors due to social distancing measures, there is still significant risk for certain commercial, government and residential properties.

For these high risk spots, such as businesses carrying on essential services and vital government offices, it is crucial to have a plan for coronavirus cleaning and disinfection. Appropriate measures should be taken to sanitise the work space and living environment to manage potential cross contamination of the contagion and reduce the risk of transmission.

In response to the viral outbreak caused by the coronavirus, EcoSan Solutions is providing businesses and residents with the coronavirus cleaning services they need. We are able to provide a number of comprehensive and high-impact disinfecting solutions to sanitise contaminated spots and limit the spread of contagion.

How does COVID-19 contamination spread?

There’s no shortage of information on how the coronavirus spreads. Once transmitted into the air space or any surface by touch, it can linger on surfaces for hours. In the right conditions, it can last several days. At this point, the virus is vulnerable to the environment and chemicals but can still be easily picked up and introduced to a new host.

The best time to control infection is by killing the virus promptly while it is on a surface. If it has an opportunity to find a new host, not only does it become considerably more contagious, it becomes more difficult to control or kill once inside the body.

To adequately protect staff and residents, every work place, both large and small, should have an action plan in place. They should be ready to clean down, sanitise and ensure a clean environment for residents and workers.

EcoSan COVID-19 disinfection solutions for your building

We have a range of disinfection solutions to help businesses and residents combat the spread of coronavirus contamination. These include measures to deal with secondary suspect contamination and confirmed host contact.

Secondary suspect contamination

We can provide coronavirus cleaning solutions in cases where a person has made contact with another person with a confirmed infection status but is not a known host. In the event of a visit from such a person, disinfection measures include:

  • Using an antiviral cleaning agent, wipe down all touch points such as Telephones, keypads, Devices, Door handles, Fridge and Microwave doors and all Desk and Table surfaces.
  • Using a professional antimicrobial spray to clean and disinfect all office area touch points. EcoSan solutions also provides self-neutralising solutions and treatment which may be applied without closing down offices. These particularly efficient in large buildings that are difficult to clean within short periods of time.

Confirmed host contact

Where a person who is confirmed to be infected with the coronavirus has visited your building or residence, it is absolutely necessary to take action to prevent spread of the virus. At this point, you should seriously consider seeking professional advice.

Part of the measures we can take on your behalf include closing down the building and carrying out comprehensive professional cleaning with the use of appropriate personal protective equipment. Our measures will include:

  • Full wipe down with label instructed or registered chemical

  • Either antimicrobial sprays applied directly or via machine dispensed atomisers

  • Thermal fogging with a powerful cationic sanitizer or chemical disinfectant, perfect for large scale areas for extremely fast virucide kill with the ability to cover large areas very quickly and effectively

Thermal fogging of Antimicrobial or Cationic material

Thermal fogging is the process of expelling active ingredients in a gas form usually similar to fog or smoke. The particle size of the fog or smoke is borderline solid and gas. This allows the active ingredients to be swiftly carried into the airspace of very large areas rapidly, and allows swift contact with all exposed surfaces, such as walls and every side of furniture. It can also carry into porous textiles such as upholstery and carpets and can be used to sanitise Air ducts and Mechanical cooling.

Thermal fogging has been used for decades in every health risk outbreak around the world and is used by Government agencies and the Military for such purpose. Various chemical properties can be used for the active ingredients, so EcoSan solutions is prepared for the sanitising needs of almost any business.

We also have small, dispersible modules for use in smaller sites and residences. These modules contain a fog or smoke with highly active sterilisers for fast dispatch of small building and home sanitation.

Ultra-Low Volume [ULV] Blowers

Ultra-low Volume blowers are designed to deliver aqueous solutions of various types to indoor spaces. The products can be dispersed quickly, letting surfaces dry rapidly. The special device atomisers used here mean that active ingredient droplet sizes will be very small or expelled as a mist, ensuring that coverage of areas is fast and even.

ULV blowers ensure that adequate active ingredients attach to surfaces in a uniform and even manner, leaving virtually no areas untreated. EcoSan solutions provides various forms of active ingredients which can be used for Anti-Viral applications. Our products are low odour, safe for electrical equipment and computer hardware. Where personnel cannot be completely evacuated these methods can still be employed to carry out a swift decontamination of buildings or stored products.

Should you have a known case of a virus host, do not hesitate to contact us for advice. We are experienced and have excellent equipment to assist your business.

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