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Pest control

In many cases, yes, but only if you are willing to invest the time, effort and expense necessary to gather needed information and do what’s necessary to solve your pest problems. Anybody can spray pesticides, but proper pest control often involves much more. Pest control of some pests, such as bees and wasps, may be too dangerous for you to risk doing yourself. Other pests, such as timber pest borers, require specialized knowledge and equipment, and are best left to professionals.
EcoSan Solutions use lots of solutions which are not harmful to mammals. In many cases the use of airborne or toxic chemicals are not required. In these instances there is no need to quarantine the area treated. Some chemical solutions do require absence of personnel and this will be discussed prior to treatments however only a few treatment options pose a risk during pregnancy and these are not used very often as science has developed better options recently.
Yes, quotes for most pest control services are free.
Yes, by appointment only or in case of emergency.
Contracts are not required with our casual services, however in commercial instances to insure we are on the same page, we may send you a written quotation, these require your written approval prior to us commencing services.
This depends on the nest order of the Roach and how long it has been present. However most domestic situation require one treatment only for the present Roach issue. Some Commercial situations like restaurants or apartment complexes may take longer sometimes three casual treatment within three to four months due to advance nest orders and plenty of nutrition available to the Cockroaches. However 90% of our clients are sorted after the first visit.
Normally after a brief phone call or Email, we can give an estimate on the cost before booking. We need to determine the size or extent of an infestation and any information on special equipment that will be needed as well as any special concerns that must be addressed. Our minimum fee is $126.09 plus GST and most residential pest control is between $200 & $400. Depending on the travel distance, property size and target pest, some situation will exceed these prices. Timber pest Borer or Termite work is always quoted with a written agreement first.
We will send an invoice after the job has been completed. Payments may be made online via internet banking. We do not accept cash.
For some indoor pest control such as Cockroach and Ant treatments, vacating the area may not be required. However with treatments for such things as Spiders, Flies, Bed bugs and sometimes Flea control, you may re enter around 1 Hour after the job is completed to allow drying and ventilation. Most pest control indoors takes our technicians around 45 Minutes to complete. Some pest control work may require a longer dwell time depending on the conditions such as ventilation and room temperature.


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Please Contact Us for an inspection, to provide the most current information on general treatment prices and the insecticides currently being used. 

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