In commercial and corporate environments, maintaining a clean and safe space is often crucial to a productive workday. But productivity can quickly go from 100 to 0 on the back of rumours of a bed bug infestation in the building or rash of cockroaches in the lunchroom.

Sadly, it is not uncommon for pests of all types to make a home or foraging ground out of office spaces. Due to the embarrassing and potentially costly break in business a pest infestation can cause, businesses should develop a commercial pest control plan with a licensed pest control agency.

At EcoSan Solutions, we provide pest control Auckland region businesses trust to rehabilitate their office spaces and stamp out bug infestation of all types. Whether you need cockroach pest control or flea control in Auckland or surrounding areas, we can help you win the battle against bugs in your corporate environment.

We deal with all kinds of common pests

The comprehensive range of services we provide for pest control Auckland City residents need includes the eradication of infestation by all types of creepy crawlies such as: 

Continuous maintenance and vigilance is necessary to ensure that pests do not enter into your office space or take up residence there. This would especially be the case for older buildings with multiple entry points and even new buildings with their open layouts. Simple oversight from staff such as forgetting snacks stored in desks can attract pests in search of food and shelter. 

To be certain that your work space is free from any infestation, it makes sense to develop a commercial pest control plan with a certified provider of pest control Auckland city businesses need.

Human and pet-friendly commercial pest control services

At EcoSan Solutions, all our pest control measures are human and pet-friendly. We understand that the loss of even a few hours due to a pest infestation can be costly to businesses, our aim is to assist with rehabilitating your environment within the shortest time frame possible.

Our human-friendly pest control products require little to no quarantine time when applied to your office space. This means you can quickly deal with the problem and get back to work within no time.

Contact us for the most efficient pest control residents love

No matter what kind of commercial pest control you need, including cockroach pest control or flea control Auckland, we can help. 

Contact us today for a modern and professionally executed eradication of all bug and pest infestations that trouble your workspace.

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