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Ants, both natural to New Zealand and imported super colonies with multiple queens and cooperative nest orders, are all over Auckland. Unlike many other insects considered pests in and around the home or office, ants can be unpredictable and will often be a problem all year round.

Sometimes, they can be active in the summer months, during warmer temperatures, seeking nutrition for thriving nests. Other times, you can find them tenaciously foraging for shelter and food during colder climates, often making nests inside walls, subfloors, under difficult to reach decking, spa pools and ceiling cavities.

EcoSan Solutions provides swift, thorough and dependable ant control Auckland service that businesses and residents have come to rely on. When there’s an ant problem, residents and business owners completely trust us to take care of the problem comprehensively and without fuss.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ant baits & Ant gels are often the first method used and can be very effective.
  • For larger colonies specialised residual sprays are highly effective, these can be low toxic and very safe for pets and family with both indoor and outdoor treatments.
  • Keeping kitchens and problem areas clean of food residuals is important for prevention, but once Ants have moved in, cleaning alone will not result in Ant control and pest control measures may be required.

$215.00 – $400.00. Many Ant control issues can be resolved with indoor treatments which usually cost $215 to $245.

External treatments which require special products to survive the conditions outside usually cost $340 to $400.

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Ant problems can be quite complicated

Ants are remarkably hard working and have a nest hierarchy which can make managing an infestation difficult. They are very hardy and have been known to create suicidal bridges of worker ants to allow colony members to cross areas contaminated by residual insecticide. Queens that have been alerted to threats will move nests into other locations to prevent total collapse of the nest from chemical threats.

The sheer numbers of cooperating super colony ants often means conventional treatments, such as baiting and residual insecticide, may not work. These treatments are often overburdened by the never-ending numbers of worker ants being constantly recruited.

As a result, businesses and homeowners that want to take care of their ant problem for good will require more permanent pest control. This often requires more than the conventional ant pest control Auckland agencies traditionally offer.

Professional Ant Control Solutions Around Auckland

At EcoSan Solutions, our personnel are trained in hybrid and blended treatments applied towards treating ant problems. We go above and beyond in providing effective treatments that provide complete ant control in Auckland and take care of ant problems for good. Some of our solutions include:

  • Baiting

    This involves lacing attractive food sources with a chemical to kill ants. This method is often highly effective for ant control. The bait used for this procedure comes in various forms, usually from off-the-shelf DIY packs. They normally consist of fluid laden with sugar and laced with Boric acid or some other simple chemical that will kill ants once the ingredients are ingested.

    Professional ant control bait is more sophisticated, and includes meticulously researched food scents and tastes in order to attract a wider variety of ant species, some of which prefer proteins and others, carbohydrates. The chemical ingredients are designed to be slow releasing and portable to next generations as ants consume the bait and then feed to other ants in the nest.

  • Low repellent residual

    Ants have an ability to sense toxins in their environment. As a result, conventional insecticides are often ineffective for complete ant control as they will avoid the chemicals applied and go to great lengths to create a work around solution. Insecticide solutions with low repellence have been shown to be considerably more effective.

    Ants will normally go about their predictable routine undeterred by pest control undertaken, Low repellent insecticides will ensure best results are achieved from professional spray applications. These treatments are best suited for outdoor use where ants that come into contact will inadvertently take the treatment back to the nest colonies. Once exposed, the ants will be unable to move the nest or save the queen, but will be completely overcome instead.

  • Stealth residual

    These are blends of formulations designed specifically for ant control. They are invisible and completely undetectable to all ant species. Perfect for spot treatments indoors where ants are found looking for food or shelter. These methods function similar to bait and are picked up on the tiny hairs of their lower bodies and ingested during grooming. The treatment will then be fed to other ants or fragments will be transferred from the ants’ bodies to the nest colony. These highly effective methods have very low mammalian toxicity and are safer for indoor environments.

  • Ant sand

    This treatment is designed to mimic sand such as that found in courtyards, cobble stoned areas and gardens. Laced with low repellent or non-repellent insecticides, these treatments allow active ingredients to be inserted in a Trojan horse manner, allowing ants to forage through a minefield of sand.

    Due to these products being heavier than water, they will not be carried away to waterways such as drains flowing into rivers or the sea. These methods are also subject to being transferred to hierarchy in nest colonies.

If you are facing an ant problem in your home or office, contact EcoSan Solutions for perfectly safe ant pest control Auckland residents can trust. We can be there as soon as you need us and will take care of your pest control Auckland problem in no time. 

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