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Flea Control Auckland Treatments

Fleas in the home or office are highly irritating. Fleas cause instant itchiness and will bite all day and night. Unlike other blood feeding insect like mosquitos, sand flies and bed bugs, almost everybody who is bitten by Fleas will experience an itchy reaction. Get a Flea control Auckland service for your home.

Children, Adults and Pets will find Flea bites equally frustrating.

Exterminator doing a flea pest control treatment in Auckland

Frequently Asked Questions

For conventional Residential Flea Control in Auckland, our prices start at $185.00 to $260.00 for a standard size home.

EcoSan has a very low toxic Flea control option and prices for this product start at $340.00. This product is very safe for children and will not affect Cats.

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EcoSan Solutions Flea control products are robust and will remain active for months. If you have had an issue with Fleas for several weeks or months, this may increase the time required to gain control of the total Flea life cycle. Maintenance sprays between six to eight weeks after the initial treatment are sometimes recommended but rarely needed.

Most Flea Control situations in Auckland are resolved quickly after the initial treatment. However a few will take days or a couple of weeks to resolve. This is due to eggs and pupae hatching. The hatched Fleas will die before they can lay eggs.

If bites persist for more than a few weeks, Contact us here for help.

Yes, this is a good idea.

After a Flea control floors should not be washed or vacuumed for a week to give the active ingredients time to work.

What is the best method to get rid of Fleas?

There are several approaches to killing and controlling Fleas from off the shelf aerosol Flea bombs to professional spraying with insecticides.

EcoSan Solutions provide Flea Control services for both Commercial situations and Residential homes. There are many insecticide brands and ingredients suitable for Flea Control Auckland.

What makes a Flea control product effective?

Fast Knockdown is of foremost importance in an effective Flea control service. Knockdown describes how quickly the Fleas present can be killed after the treatment has been applied. Since Fleas are incessantly irritating, the customer wants above all to experience fast and efficient relief from Flea bites.
Many Flea Control solutions can kill Fleas, however many work slowly and this may delay knockdown effect, so an appropriate fast acting chemical should be used for Flea control.

Residual effects are very important with Flea control services, if you or your staff are experiencing Flea bites, chances are there will be Flea eggs also and other life stages. Knock down chemicals are perfect for killing Adult fleas fast, however, Fleas will later hatch from the Egg and Pupae stages. For effective Flea control there must be sufficient residual chemical to promptly kill these Fleas when they hatch from eggs which could be as long as eight weeks after the treatment and Fleas hatching from pupae may occur just days after the treatment.

Chemical safety profile of insecticides used is equally important. Toxicity of the treatment for Children, and Pets such as Cats and Dogs and People who may be affected by allergens, chemical sensitivity, Asthma will want a low allergen, Low odour treatment without oil or petroleum products to affect indoor air quality. Pets like Cats are also less tolerant to certain products which do not upset Dogs or People.

EcoSan Solutions Flea Control

EcoSan specialises in providing Flea control Auckland wide which knock down fleas fast and last long enough to effectively kill Fleas hatching from Eggs and Pupae for several weeks after the treatment. Our Flea treatments in auckland are all water based products with an acceptable safety profile for Staff, Family and Pets.

What you get from our Flea Control services

  • Fast relief from Flea bites
  • Longer lasting residual
  • No Solvents or Petroleum products used

EcoSan residential Flea Control Method

For effective auckland Flea control, Generally all flooring including carpets, hard flooring and floor coverings such as Rugs and mats will be treated.

Soft furnishing such as lounge suites, dining chairs will also be treated.

Mattresses may also be treated.

Flea exterminators in auckland usually takes around one to one and a half hours to complete for standard residential homes. Additional time may be required if we need to ventilate the building after treatment.

A stand down time may be required before customers and pets can re-enter the property. This may be 1 to 4 hours after treatment.

Customer preparation before flea control

Before EcoSan Solutions arrives to treat your home for Fleas.

Remove clothing and small articles off the floor
The more floor space we can treat the faster the treatment will work.

Vacuum the flooring and wipe hard floors
A floor free of debris will allow active ingredients to fix to the surface and they will work faster and last longer. After Flea treatment, you should not vacuum or wash floors for a week.

Remove sheets from Bedding
If you have arranged to have the mattresses treated, please remove the sheets of the bed and hot wash before returning.

Arrange a safe place for Pets especially Cats
Pets may not be inside during the treatment and may only return when the product is dry and the building ventilated. Please let EcoSan staff know if you have Cats.
Cover fish bowls with a towel and switch up air pumps.

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