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Ecosan receives many calls to solve residents and commercial client’s issues with this insect. They are quite common in and around the home in New Zealand. In fact, according to one study, they are present in up to 98% of urban homes. Although cockroaches are most active during temperatures of 21 degrees Celsius or higher, thriving in warm environments where food and water is easy to access, the insect can prevail in both winter and during the warmer periods. In summer time, roaches will be discovered outside in the garden, in and around the barbeque, the spa bath on the deck and they may venture inside. This roach is often the larger variety and they tend to enjoy the outdoors but in the right conditions they have been known to nest indoors, when this occurs it is exceptionally unsightly due to their larger size. They are quite quick on their feet and scurry around when disturbed during the day. These roaches enjoy the humidity in Auckland but will be observed dwelling in the shady areas of the warm garden or deck. Often they find security in between the window frames. They resist direct sunlight when at rest.

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Roaches inside the home

Increase during the more temperate climates in Auckland when outdoor roach varieties seek warmth indoors. Girborne and American types are often spotted in and around the home in search of warmer areas. Especially in the cooler seasons they may find shelter in under the weather boards of a home, they often congregate around the entry way or porch. Often they can be observed in the laundry, bathroom, and general living areas. The indoor German or even Asian roach will mostly be an issue around hot water cupboards and almost always in the kitchen, favoring appliances like the dishwasher, fridge, and microwaves. The German Roach is very populous in Auckland, much like the larger roaches they too enjoy the warm humid climate. They often nest solely inside and are the only type of cockroach to predominantly co-exist with humans. This roach, unlike the larger variation do not seek food far from the nest, their hierarchy and nest order is quite unique and present difficulties in their control even by professionals. These cockroaches often will nest in concealed spaces and an established nest can be persistent in multiplying and difficult to exterminate. Modern insecticides have been developed to help combat the nesting habits of this pest.

There are many types of cockroaches, but there are three types which mainly come into contact with us in our homes and commercial buildings.

  • German Cockroach 

  • American Cockroach

  • Gisbourne Cockroach


Survival attributes of the common cockroach

Cockroaches which we may come into contact with in Auckland are all Thigmotactic.  This is a word describing the behavior of the roach. For example a roach may be found hiding in between the window sill and frame of a window or you may notice them both large and small in around the top of the door and frame usually by the top hinge. Although it may appear the roach is hiding from you, it is in its nature to have a surface touching the top and bottom of its body. This inevitably provides both shelters from the elements, stealth and protection!

Toxin detection. Cockroaches have been said to be able to survive nuclear holocaust or at least one of the most likely of insects. This is as likely as many myths regarding insects, though it may be attributed to the roaches ability to sense toxins  which may be harmful to its health. Many common insecticides need to be used with care and knowledge as they may have unintended results. Where roaches detect certain formulations they will avoid walking on or digesting them and avoid mortal contact.

Health dangers of cockroaches

The presence of cockroaches in the home brings several negative health implications. The insects are known to carry various microbes on their feet and body surface which can cause diseases when they run over food or fall into a water source. These include over seven types of dangerous human pathogens and six types of parasitic worms. Cockroaches are also vectors for up to thirty-three types of bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella – bacteria which can cause painful conditions like gastroenteritis and food poisoning. 

Cockroach faeces and saliva also contain allergens that may set off allergic reactions or even trigger symptoms of asthma, particularly in children. The first known case of cockroach allergy was reported in 1943 when patients were noted to develop a skin rash after the insects crawled over their skin. Subsequent allergy skin tests developed later in 1959 confirmed that these patients reacted negatively to cockroach contact. Further studies have drawn a clear connection between acute asthma attacks and cockroach allergens. But the risk is not limited to only children, as other studies have found that exposure to cockroach allergens can also trigger severe asthma attacks in adults.

Call Ecosan today, we apply residual treatments both inside and outside. tracking nest killers available to control resident roaches, treatment safer for your family and pets. Integrated pest management techniques employed. We service all suburbs in the greater Auckland area. Say hello to us and goodbye to the roaches!

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