EcoSan’s Cockroach Control Treatments

Cockroaches in Auckland come in two main varieties.

The Outdoor Roach is larger sometimes a golden colour and often a dark brown or black appearance. Many types of garden variety Roaches in Auckland also have white stripe marking down the length of the body or just on the head.

The Indoor Roach is usually quite a bit smaller in size around half the size of the outdoor garden variety. Often appearing around kitchen appliances such as the dishwasher, refrigerator, Microwave oven and also the hot water cylinder cupboard they are often golden to medium brown colours.

What is the best method to control Cockroaches?

Cockroach control methods include Baiting with gel or granular baits, Applying residual insecticides such as sprays and powders and trapping devices in various forms. Aerosol Cockroach bombs are also available.

What makes a Cockroach control product effective for Indoor Roaches?

Lower Toxicity Profile of any insecticide treatment is essential since indoor Cockroaches such as the German Roach in Auckland often nest around food preparation and food storage areas. The insecticide treatment needs to be safe for people, and Pets and in commercial settings must have the appropriate approval for use in food preparation and storage areas.

Residual effects are very important as indoor Roaches in Auckland nest inside, so where you see cockroaches about then there will be eggs and more senior cockroaches hiding in nests where they continue to multiply, the treatment needs to last long enough for new juveniles to make contact with the treatment when they emerge later.

Nest destroying qualities is what sets a high quality treatment apart from conventional insecticides. Adults of Indoor Cockroaches in Auckland usually do not leave the nest as they protect themselves from discovery and guard the eggs and their young juveniles. To effectively break the breeding cycle Cockroach controlling methods must have the ability to be transported to the nest via Roaches hunting for food.

Non Repellency is essential for any Cockroach treatment indoors in Auckland. Many forms of insecticide can be detected by Roaches causing them to avoid the treated area or they may move making eliminating the nest more difficult which will increase the time it takes to gain total control.

What makes a Cockroach control product effective for Outdoor Roaches?

Weather resistant Products should be the only choice for residual Cockroach Control in Auckland. The Sun in New Zealand can be strong with UV radiation which will shorten insecticides effective life, Auckland’s changeable weather and high humidity will challenge promised residual life of any insecticide.

Cockroaches often nest and rest in shaded and damp areas, such as under decking, along fence lines covered in foliage or under the subfloor. Many insecticides do not like to remain in damp conditions continually so it is important the product used is fit for the purpose and will last longer in hostile conditions.

Insecticides made for New Zealand conditions will outlast less expensive – more broadly used treatments available.

Applying Treatments in The right Places is important for good outdoor Cockroach control. These areas may include Window framing, Ranch sliders, Gardens and the building perimeter and often in difficult to reach areas, such as under enclosed decking, subfloors and sometimes roof cavities.

Pet Safe products are important in New Zealand. Many of Auckland homes are homes also to Dogs and Cats which run around the outdoor areas and Cats often venture under buildings and into garden areas. Cockroach treatment in Auckland should be chosen carefully to get good Cockroach kills without harming Cats, dogs or other pets.

Benefits of using EcoSan’s Cockroach Control Treatments

You don’t need to leave the house for indoor cockroach pest control usually. Our products are low toxicity and dry quickly so when kitchens and other areas are treated normal use of these areas can resume usually after just 20 minutes after we finish.

We use longer life products made specifically for New Zealand conditions. So when we apply Cockroach control solutions we will always use the product with the best residual performance possible in your situation.

Safer products for People and pets available EcoSan provides options which do not harm Cats and Dogs. If you have had a previous negative experience with sprays around your animals or another member of your family, let us know and we can find the best pest control solutions for your needs.

Customer preparation before a Cockroach Control

Information is key to a good complete Cockroach control service in Auckland.

Take note of where you are seeing Cockroaches in your home or business – how frequently are you seeing them and observe their size.

Pass on this information to your Exterminator when you contact us so we can provide the best advice and methods.

Also please let us know if you have pets in your family.

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