Eco Friendly Pest Control

Eco friendly substances such as cleaning solutions and chemicals are an issue many people are concerned about and it is a question we are asked frequently.

Many clients trust EcoSan Solutions to use eco-friendly pest control solutions in their homes and businesses. We provide a range of options to suit our customer’s needs.

Insecticides is an area of concern for many of our clients, understandably, people are concerned about the chemical types which are used inside their home or their workspace.

Treatment used to control bugs and insects can have an effect on the indoor air quality, staff, and family with their children. Residual chemicals designed to remain active on surfaces to control bugs can also come into contact with the people and their pets that live or work in the building.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Eco-friendly pest control focuses on using natural or lower-toxic solutions and integrated pest management methods to manage pests, minimising harm to the environment and occupants of the treated area. Traditional methods often rely on conventional pesticides alone.

Discover the effectiveness of family and pet-friendly pest control methods. Contrary to common misconceptions, lower-toxicity products or methods don’t necessarily compromise efficacy. Real-world results demonstrate that lower toxic alternatives often outperform conventional insecticides commonly used by professionals. Explore the superior outcomes of environmentally conscious pest control solutions.”

In many cases, there’s no need to evacuate during eco-friendly pest control treatments. The products used are safe for occupants. However, it’s advised to follow any specific instructions provided by the pest control professionals.

EcoSan low toxic pest control methods are effective against specific range of pests. It’s recommended to consult with EcoSan’s experts to determine the most suitable approach for your specific situation.

While initial costs may vary, eco-friendly pest control can be cost-effective in the long run. It helps prevent future infestations and reduces the need for repeated treatments, contributing to overall savings.

Allergens and skin sensitivity

Insecticide products do not need to be harmful to the health and EcoSan Solutions always aim to use the most allergen free solutions which will not affect the skin – even if our client may have sensitivities or allergies to food or chemicals.

Treatments we use indoors such as high area and window treatments for Fly control over summer, or low area treatment including flooring and bedding for Flea control we always prefer water based formulations. These treatments are quite a bit more sophisticated in comparison to conventional oil based or oil in water options, but water based chemistry is lower odour, less irritating to the skin and is safer for indoor air quality.

EcoSan will not compromise our client’s indoor environments when there is a safer option available we use it.

Environmental impact

The EPA in New Zealand is responsible for the approval of insecticides registered in New Zealand. The dominant concern of the EPA is the chemicals propensity to cause harm on the greater ecosystem. Approved insecticides must meet very strict perimeters and these standards must be tested scientifically to satisfy the EPA. All insecticides available to professional Pest control operators must be approved by the EPA.

EcoSan Solutions use only EPA approved pest control treatment methods and we adhere to the strict limitations on each product so you can expect your family, office space and the environment is not compromised in order to achieve a quick result.

Natural Plant based insecticides

Plant based insecticides have been used for decades for pest control from the control of Fleas, Mosquitos to Bed bugs. The effective nature of plant based insecticides can be seen in the fact that scientists developed synthetic copies of natural plant insecticides such as the pyrethrum family of flowers.

EcoSan environmentally friendly pest control solutions provide an organic plant based insecticide for those who prefer a more natural insecticide. Our product formulated using essential oils such as Eucalyptus and Citronella extracts means you don’t need to have your home or office treated will solely lab made products.

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