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Flies in Auckland are mostly an issue in warm seasons. Flies begin to invade homes in Auckland in Early December filling our homes with flies buzzing, darting and landing from morning the late evening. After sundown they will rest on ceiling walls and light fittings. House flies and blow flies in Auckland will defecate on ceilings, walls and anywhere else they land.

Residual Fly control Auckland treatments are very effective at controlling Flies inside the home and when applied effectively by a professional pest controller the residual treatment will last throughout the fly season in Auckland without requiring a top up treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

[saswp_tiny_multiple_faq headline-0=”p” question-0=”When Should I book a Fly control treatment in Auckland” answer-0=”The best time to book a Fly control treatment is late Spring. This will make sure the product is fresh and ready for the new Fly Season and will last through out summer when Flies are most active in Auckland. ” image-0=”” count=”1″ html=”true”]

Yes and No, Not all insecticide dispensers are equal and are not suitable for every environment.

  • There are many versions of insect killing automatic sprayers on the market and most supermarkets and hardware stores have at least two different brands. Many people compare the ingredients on the refill can and assume they are all similar, but this is not the case.
  • EcoSan Solutions recommend dispensers with a patented design which cannot be copied. These devices spray a molecule which hangs in the air for much longer than other brands – Perfect for Flies that fly around inside but do not land on a treated surface.

Generally Fly Control Products are broad spectrum insecticides so yes it will kill spiders. However we tailor the treatments to suit the target insect, so if you would like Spiders to be controlled also, please let us know.

Annually. Most of our clients spray once a year for Flies.

EcoSan Solutions Fly Control works better

Ecosan’s residual fly control treatments in Auckland when applied from late Spring to early Summer will outlast many professional Fly Control products on the market.

Our Fly Control formulations are very low odour, when people return to the building they are usually imperceptible.

EcoSan treatments are safer, we select only chemistry with no Petroleum products so there is less allergic reactions. Our products are water based and these treatments outperform cheaper oil based products. They last longer too.

Shorter vacancy times mean our products are more convenient. Low odour treatments which are not volatile mean our customer can re-enter the treated areas faster after ventilation.

What makes EcoSan Fly Control in Auckland So Effective?

Fast Acting Knockdown – Fly control in Auckland needs to be effective at killing flies fast. In warm climates particularly around 25 degrees flies possess a very fast metabolism. Flies metabolism increases relevant to the ambient temperature in your home. For a fly control to work effectively it must act faster than the fly’s metabolism.

Lasts longer – EcoSan,s Auckland fly control is built to last longer on surfaces. This prevents the product wearing out prematurely. Our products blend multiple esters which work together in synergy to create a product with both fast acting and longer lasting residual qualities.

Low Odour – Our ingredients contain no ingredients with an offensive odour.

No VOC Ingredients – EcoSan formulations used indoors in Auckland are sophisticated water based suspensions which contain no petroleum or mineral ingredients.

Stain free and invisible – Our Fly control residual is invisible. Our sprays cannot be seen on surfaces such as paint work, wall art, curtains and fabrics. They contain no oxidizing or discolouring ingredients and are safe for indoor plants and sensitive textiles.

How Long Does The Fly Treatment Take?

Fly control treatments in Auckland usually take 45 Min to 1.5 Hours to complete.

  • This time includes gaining access to the building
  • Preparation and safety checks before the treatment is applied
  • Applying the treatment
  • Ventilating the building and preparing for safe re-entry
  • Final safety check – Securing the building

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