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To control mosquitoes at home is complicated as New Zealand hosts 15 different mosquito species, most of which are native but some were also introduced from countries like Australia and Fiji. So many Aucklanders choose to hire a professional Mosquito control Auckland Exterminator.

Mosquitoes are part of the same family as house flies and fruit flies. Mosquitos are notorious for insatiably itchy bites. They often feed around dusk and sometimes in groups or swarms and their activity can result in many itchy bites within just a few seconds.

Most mosquitos love freshwater and after a blood feed; the female will lay her eggs in a pool of water, a puddle or any container collecting rain water. Mosquitoes are a persistent issue where dwellings are located amongst lush foliage because the underside of leaves collect water and the greenery provides shade perfect for mosquito to make a home.

New Zealand is home to over a dozen Mosquito species, not all feed on humans, many favouring bird as the common host. The mosquito is best known for the high pitch humming noise around the BBQ table or the last thing heard as you switch of the lights, the vigilant responsible for this noise actually are not said to be hosted by humans. Actually Mosquitoes which feed on humans do so almost silently.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Mosquitos need still or stagnant water to lay eggs. If you have a fish or landscaped pond or water feature, use a pump to keep the water moving, this prevents algae and mosquito. Mozzies need only a small amount of water, so look for any standing water, such as dishes, pots collecting rainwater. Guttering is a common problem area where it may not fully drain or dry out.
  • Professional insecticide applications to garden area foliage and other areas mosquitos rest and land are effective.
  • Consider rainwater and sewer holding tanks – these may be hosting Mosquitos and may require methods to kill and prevent the life cycle.
  • Mosquitos tend to be more of a problem in warmer seasons, so implementing measures on your property to check and repair fly screens on ponds and water storage and clean out guttering etc would be best done in spring. Depending on the season, a pest control for your property could be arranged late spring early summer.
  • If you are planning an outdoor event and would like to prevent guests being attacked, then a professional pest control should be arrange a couple of days to a week in advance to reduce immediate mosquito populations.



Controlling mosquitoes in the home and workplace

Insecticide Resistance Mosquitoes like fruit or drain flies are easily knocked down or killed with exposure the any broad spectrum insecticide. However they possess a high level of resistance to common residual insecticides. Meaning if a Mosquito is exposed to a direct wet application of any insecticide, it will die. Residual insecticides leave a layer of active ingredient on the treated surface which is picked up by an insect and soon after the insect will be killed. With any Mosquito infestation, there will be a dominant amount of the group which will not be affected by this residual.

For this reason, when Ecosan Solutions applies an indoor residual treatment for Mosquitoes we use products with a mode of action which differs from that which Mosquitoes are resistant. This increases the efficacy of our treatments. The chemistry in these solutions is also less toxic than common products like pyrethroids.

Mosquitoes indoors Some buildings design and architecture will increase the likelihood of having issues with Mosquitos. Buildings with doors opening and closing during dusk or early evening may find this pest venturing inside. They may nest and multiply. Ecosan have seen buildings in the CBD area with thousands of persistent Mosquitos inside. Homes and structures with moist foliage in garden areas will have increased amount of Mozzies also. Our indoor treatments are very low odour, Low toxic and safe to re enter after a short amount of time.

Mosquitoes outdoors. Spraying for this pest outside using often Misters or Thermal foggers will knock down Mozzie populations for around two weeks. Long residual control of this pest, depending on the environment can be difficult.  Some other methods include;

Insect growth regulator This treatment can be routinely applied to  sewerage septic tanks. Mozzies will lay eggs in septic tanks due to the standing water. The IGR will prevent Mosquito larvae from maturing into an insect.

Aqua Film If you live near standing water like a still pond or holding facility, a silicon type film can be added to the water. This coats the surface layer and the larvae of the Mosquito cannot breath as they float on the surface. This should only be applied on private land as council consent is required for crown property.

Circulate standing water in Fish ponds, or other standing water. Mosquitoes love to lay eggs in still water, this can can be fixed without the use of chemicals by adding a pump to keep water circulating & moving. This helps to control algae growth too.

Treating mosquito in most environments around the home is possible with even the most persistent situations being alleviated. Mosquitoes have more life stages than most insects and understanding the activity and habits of this insect will allow the pest management technician to carry out mosquito control treatments with excellent results.

If you have an issue with Mosquitoes in your workplace or at home, contact us for pest control advice or a quote. 

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