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Spiders can leave a home and building appearing unkempt and untidy. Spiders build messy webs in sometimes difficult to remove places. Many people fear spiders to some degree, from a mild aversion to serious phobia.

EcoSan Solutions for Spider Eradication

Interior treatments for Auckland spider control services include applying an invisible residual which silently and discreetly kill spiders which roam inside.

Exterior treatments include a robust weather resistant application of residual to kill resident spiders living on the building cladding, around windows and entry points. Quality chemicals researched and developed to last longer whilst balancing environmental safety.

Ecosan professional spider pest control

Frequently Asked Questions

5 Easy ways to Get Rid of Spiders

  1. Trim trees away from the house, trees give spiders easy access…
  2. Use warm light bulbs instead of bright white inside and outside. Bright white [cool] lighting attracts food for spiders such as Flies and Moth and this can make your house more attractive to make a spiders nest…
  3. Only use outdoor lighting when necessary, spiders and other bugs are attracted to UV light emitted by light bulbs…
  4. Remove webbing and use house washing services annually…
  5. Use the services of your Pest controller in Auckland to apply a residual insecticide annually…




Why EcoSan Solution Spider treatment is effective.

Low odour low allergenic solutions – Our treatments used indoors are water based blends designed for a sure kill without smelly odours. Our Products are VOC free

Our Spider control blends are researched and selected to provide effective control that lasts on surfaces for continued killing of Spiders.

Imperceptible to the eye, our treatments are invisible and safe to apply to any surface or fabric.

How long does it take to complete a Spider Treatment?

Standard residential Spider treatment usually is completed within 45 Minutes to 2 Hours depending on the size and whether we treat both Interior and Exterior.

For interior treatments a stand down before re-entry is usually required. This is usually 1 to 2 hours after treatment depending on the amount of ventilation available.

What you need to do for Preparation before a Spider Treatment 

  • Make plans to vacate the property including pets such as Cats and Dogs
  • Cover or put away exposed food – Spider control often requires spraying of high areas
  • Put away or cover small children’s toys and articles

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