Hiring a professional upholstery cleaner is one of the most effective ways to prolong the lifespan of your furniture. However, with our current work- from-home situation, which has required us to remain inside day in and day out, our upholstery may have taken a bit of a beating. Given all the extra time we’re spending in our own living spaces, we need our furniture in top condition now more than ever. From scrubbing small stains to treating with a fabric protector, we’ve got some spot-cleaning tips you can do on your own that will help your furniture survive the lockdown.

Vacuum frequently

The easiest way to clean your own upholstery is to grab a handy vacuum. Vacuuming frequently keeps dirt from affecting the appearance of your furniture. Vacuuming also helps keep the upholstery fibers intact by preventing the build-up of dust and dirt from straining and decaying the material. All you need is a clean, dry upholstery attachment to catch the dried dirt in hard-to-reach areas.

Follow instructions

Often, new furniture will come with special cleaning instructions. Now is the time to find them. Factory cleaning instructions have been optimised to achieve the deepest possible clean while preserving the colours and durability of the materials. Generally, W is a code that means it’s ok to use water while S means skip the water. Instead of water, you can use a non-water-based solvent to spray on your furniture and clean with a white cloth. SW means it’s ok to use either solvent or water and X means vacuum only.

Use natural stain removers

Truth be told, couch stains can be a bit of a nuisance. Not only obnoxiously noticeable, these stains are also stubborn to remove, though not impossible. It’s easy to DIY your own stain remover using club soda and dabbing it on gently with a white cloth. Spritz a little vinegar and let it sit for 15 minutes before blotting with clear water. Remember to simply blot the agent with a microfiber cloth, as scrubbing could set the stain further into the fibers and damage the fabric.

Treat with a fabric protector

After vacuuming, cleaning, and drying, you should treat your furniture with a fabric protector to repel stains. Fabric protectors should be applied every few years to stain-proof your upholstery, prolonging its life.

Don’t forget about the couch accessories

Along with your furniture, you should also take care of your throws and pillows. Dirt can also attach to the fabric of your throw pillows, so it’s best to toss the pillow covers in a gentle wash with cold water. You can also freshen your covers with a spritz of water mixed with essential oils and tumble dry them in the wash.

Regular deep clean

Your stain-removing powers can only go so far, but persistence pays off. Once you’ve finished your deep clean, schedule regular, basic washing dates to keep your furniture looking its minty best.

Deep clean with EcoSan!

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