Stains can ruin perfectly good clothing, or your beautiful and impeccably designed carpets. Unfortunately, no matter how much of a nuisance they are, they’re inevitable. Mishaps are bound to happen sooner or later, but thankfully stains don’t have to be permanent. As experts on carpet stain removal in Auckland, we can break down each type of stain, how to deal with them, and how a professional cleaning job is able to get rid of them.

Red Wine & Coloured Beverage Stains

Spilling red wine or any other coloured beverage on your carpet can create visible stains, Even on grey or brown carpets but especially on neutral colours. The trick is not to panic, and gently absorb as much of the spill as possible using a dry towel to begin with. Never rub to try and make the stain go away—rubbing will only make it worse and work the stain deeper into the carpets fibers making it more difficult to remove.

Next, after most of the moisture has been removed with the towel, place a doubled folded towel on the stain and place something heavy on top. Leave over night.

Cordial stains such as Coke, Fanta, Power aid contain chemical dyes which almost instantly fix to the carpets fibers. Do not add water or cleaning chemical to bleach the stain. If the stain can not be lifted with a towel call us to get advice, we are here to help!

Red Wine stains are made up of organic dyes and tannin. There are usually not very difficult to remove. While still damp, Salt may be added to the stain to help. Do not add Water, White wine, Dish wash solution or laundry solution!

Pet Stains

If you have pets in your home, you’ll know how frustrating it can be to clean up after them. With these stains, you can pick up the initial mess and simply use the blot method to soak up any moisture without rubbing. You can then apply a carpet stain-cleaning product specifically formulated for pet stains, use one with enzymes, these are the most effective. A mild solution of hydrogen peroxide less than 3% can assist in neutralising urine and odour. Be careful not to over apply on Woolen fibers.

Permanent Markers or Ink Stains

It can be tricky to remove ink stains, but with the right tools and quick reflexes, a nasty ink stain is possible to remove. What you need to do is to dampen a clean white cloth with nail polish remover or isopropyl alcohol, and dab the wet cloth on the ink-stained carpet. Blot and repeat. In the case of ball point ink, be careful not to spread the dye this can make it more difficult to remove.

Blood Stains

Blood stains need to be addressed as promptly as possible. It’s always good to remember that when treating blood spots, it’s better to use cold water, as hot water can make the blood coagulate and more easily discolour carpet fibres. What you need to use is a grease-fighting liquid detergent soap, mixed with cold water. Use a paper towel to dry up afterwards, so that the blood is transferred to the towel. Blot with a damp cloth and repeat the process as needed. Do Not pour water on the stain.

DIY vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning

At Ecosan we recommend that treating the area as quickly as possible. You want to do this before the stain dries or soaks deep into your carpet. However, DIY stain removal can only do so much for your carpets. Though it may work, there are still some types of stains that will be difficult, if not impossible, to remove. Usually the less a customer has done the easier a stain is to remove.

Sometimes, stains may require a combination of both prompt treatment, professional carpet cleaning and a knowledge of chemistry and carpet makeup . With modern carpet cleaning methods—such as professional wet carpet cleaning or dry carpet cleaning—professionals can remove even the most stubborn of stains.

Surface Cleaning & Restorative Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaners can help you deal with all kinds of stains via our surface cleaning method, which utilizes a crystallising spray system, the bonnet cleaning system, the absorbent compound system, and liquid shampoo followed by a wet vacuum, or dry foam followed by a dry vacuum.

Professional restorative cleaning includes hot pre-conditioning solution followed by hot water/steam injection and extraction systems. All these processes are designed to penetrate carpets to effectively disperse emulsifiers so soils can be easily removed or extracted while leaving the carpets free of residual cleaning solution.

No stain is too stubborn for professional carpet cleaning!

DIY can remove some of these stains, but at the end of the day, no stain is too stubborn it can’t be removed with professional carpet cleaning! At Ecosan, we go the extra mile with carpet stain removal treatments. From wool carpet cleaning to nylon carpet cleaning—if you need a stubborn stain removed from your carpet or rug, contact us for a quote!