If you’re a pet owner, you already know the amount of cleaning it takes to keep your home fresh and spotless. The truth is, keeping a home clean when you’ve got furry friends isn’t the ideal situation—especially around furniture! Sure, your dogs and cats keep you happy, excited, and in great company, but let’s not forget, they also tend to leave a mess for you to always clean up afterwards! This could easily become an everyday frustration especially when trying to get rid of certain smells that just won’t go away.

Today, we share our tips on how you can prevent pet-driven upholstery disasters along with the help of professional upholstery cleaning in Auckland to complete the job!

Vacuum regularly

You may well be aware that furry pets shed a lot, as evidenced by the pet hair they leave in your couch and other pieces of furniture they may likely lay on. Regularly vacuuming your furniture can reduce the fur deposits and minimises the scent it may leave in your couch, chaise, carpets, and tables.
Top Tip:Remember to vacuum in multiple directions to get every hair out. You can also manage their shedding by placing a sheet on top of every surface where your pet likes to rest so you can easily shake the sheet or towel outdoors.

Groom your pet and keep their paws clean

Another good preventative measure to keeping your furniture clean is to also keep your pets clean. It’s a no brainer solution, but it can be easy to put grooming responsibilities on hold. Getting them into good pet grooming practices is a massive help in this regard, however. Smelly pet? Smelly couch. Fresh pet? Fresh couch!
Top Tip: Though it’s not a rule of thumb to groom or shampoo your pets every day, a quick shower with plain water can keep the dirt and smells to a minimum. Just make sure to dry them thoroughly afterwards to avoid whiffing the unpleasant smell of a damp furry pet!

React to stains quickly

Even potty-trained pets can get into accidents. The key here is to react quickly and use an enzyme-based cleaner to clear the smells. When it comes to liquid accidents that may occur on your upholstered sofas, you need to soak as much of the liquid as you can and lay down a towel to absorb the remains. You can then air out the cushions or get a vacuum upholstery to help get rid of the lingering odours. Depending on instructions, you can apply a cleanser or use an upholstery-designed detergent to remove the stains.
Top Tip: Neutralise the odours with baking soda, leave it on overnight, then vacuum it up the next day!

Hire a professional

It’s rare for pet owners to have a 24/7 surveillance team to check whether they had a calling and accidentally left behind not-so-pleasant proof on your furniture. And it can be a little more challenging when we only discover the evidence when it’s dried out and has seeped into the fabric.
When this happens, you may want to set an appointment for a professional upholstery cleaning near you! These stubborn stains will be hard to remove on your own. Not only that, trying to clean them repeatedly and without proper care can further damage your furniture’s fabric fibres. With help from the pros, they can get the stains and odours out without diminishing the quality of your furniture.

Choose EcoSan Solutions – the specialists in upholstery cleaning

We can keep your upholstery spotless and looking brighter and fresher with the right process and materials. Our skilled staff only use quality products designed to clean your upholstery and employ an aftercare processes that prolong your furniture’s lifespan to give your suite and sofas a brilliant finish—pets or no!

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