Get fresh and clean with Upholstery Cleaning Auckland-wide

Your lounge suite is a considerable investment in achieving a comfortable and appealing home. Ecosan knows you’d like to look after that investment. So, along with our world-class professional carpet cleaning service, you can have your upholstery cleaned and maintained by Ecosan’s friendly and professional sta/skin1/carpet-cleaning/ff.

Upholstery Cleaning Auckland

Do I really need specialist couch cleaning?

The average couch sees a lot of action. Dirt, dust and dander transfers from pets, the air around us, and people themselves. Soiling transfers from our hands and clothes, but there’s also a less visible factor: perspiration. Human perspiration is mildly acidic, which is a good thing on our skin, but less good for upholstery. Combined with sunlight, acidic perspiration transferred to your furnishings accelerates the fading of textile dyes.

Steam cleaning your lounge suite easily removes the build-up of soiling, both superficial and ground-in. Upholstery is left brighter, fresher and best of all, sanitary – potential germs can’t survive the temperatures reached in a good steam clean.

Ecosan knows you work hard to keep a healthy, clean and welcoming home. Need to know more about our furniture cleaning options? Contact us now for more info and a free quote.

Specialist upholstery fabrics are no problem for Ecosan’s skilled staff

Lounge suites come in all kinds of materials. Most are synthetic, but exotic or designer suites can be upholstered in cotton, silk, wool as well as the coveted leather or suede couches and armchairs.

A straightforward steam clean is perfect for a wide range of upholstery textiles, as manufacturers have designed and treated these materials to avoid shrinkage, damage and dye loss. However, specialist fabrics have unique considerations. Ecosan’s experienced staff will approach your particular furniture with care, using the appropriate cleaning methods and solutions to restore your upholstery to its original condition, damage-free.

Leather and suede are no problem for Ecosan, either. We’ll give these materials the pristine clean they deserve, followed by an application of protector and conditioner. Professional products give your suite a brilliant finish. For leather and suede upholstery cleaning in Auckland, ask us for a free quote today!

After-care prolongs the benefits of a top-notch upholstery cleaning

Finishing up a professional furniture cleaning with a fabric protector has three important functions:

  • Stain shield – dye-blocking molecules block a spill’s ability to discolour your upholstery fabric. This gives you more time to mop up, and makes cleaning a spill less work.

  • Soil guard – a robust polymer coating surrounds the fibres of the fabric. The polymer is ionically charged; in layman’s terms it repels soiling from being ground in to the fibres of your couch.

  • UV filter – New Zealand’s bright sunshine is something we all love, but our furniture doesn’t. Sun damage is aggressive on textiles, causing colour fade and drying out and damaging fibres. This kind of damage is permanent. UV filters greatly increase your upholstery fabrics’ resistance to powerful UV light.

Professional upholstery cleaning is a wise investment in the life and enjoyment of your furniture. Ecosan are specialists in the field, and we look forward to your call!

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