Fabric Protection Products

Fabric Protection Products for upholstery & carpets

EcoSan Solutions specialises in cleaning fabric upholstered furniture from Linen Lounge suits and Dining chairs to synthetic fabrics such as Microfiber and Micro Suede covering various furniture’s in the home and office in Auckland.

Upholstered furniture is exposed daily to UV light, Ozone, Perspiration, Dander, Airborne chemicals and cleaning solutions. Many of these products over time can slowly degrade the clean look and appearance of fabric dyes and they gradually damage fibers and dull dyes especially when things like perspiration and UV light are combined.

Professionally cleaning fabrics every 6 to 18 Months lengthens the life and condition of fabrics by flushing out and removing soils which harm the appearance and slowly damage fibers. It is also much healthier.

Frequently Asked Questions

The answer to this question depends of various factors but experience in the field suggest these products should be re applied around 12 to 18 month intervals. It can last longer in areas where the treated fabric is not exposed to friction or direct sunlight.

Fabric protection products protect fabrics used on lounge suits and dining chairs etc. from the effects of damaging soils between regular upholstery cleaning and create a barrier between spills which may otherwise stain the upholstery.

These products are not designed to replace professional cleaning and Linens, Cottons and Synthetic fabric all last longer when professionally cleaned regularly.

Applying Fabric Protection Products After Cleaning

Fabric Protection products have been in used by furniture manufacturers and home owners since 1940 to keep furniture and fabrics cleaner between annual cleans and to protect against accidental staining from spills such as Cordials, Black tea and Red wine.

Applying a high quality Stain resistance coating to upholstery in Auckland is important if you want to keep the fabric looking cleaner longer and to protect from accidental staining and prevent premature wear.

Stains on fabrics such as Linens, Cottons, some Nylons and Wools can be difficult to remove and often require professional attention to reverse dyes from stains and remove cleaning agents used during cleaning.

Stain Resistance Coatings called Dye Blockers prevent dyes from spills staining fabrics making accidental spills easier to remove. These ingredients work from inside the fiber.

Soil Resistance Coatings envelop individual fibers creating a moisture barrier preventing oils, and water based spills from absorbing allowing more time to mop up a spill before they absorb. These Soil Resistance treatments also shield the fibers from Acetic Perspiration and other soils including dry particulate soils which can etch and scratch fibers like sandpaper on untreated fabrics. These ingredients create a surface tension over the top of the fiber.

Flexible Polymer additives stretch and flex with the soft fabrics covering your lounge suite or dining chairs giving the fabric protection products a longer life and help make cleaning a vacuuming easier. Polymers prevent premature wear and keep the suite cleaner longer. These ingredients leave a coating over the fabric.

Why Choose EcoSan Solutions Fabric Stain Resistance

Many Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services in Auckland recommend stain resistance or Fabric protection products for Upholstered furniture. But not all Fabric and stain resistance products are the same high quality with all the benefits.

Most products on the market contain one or two products, the oil and water fluid resister – the product which leads to water beading on the fabric surface and sometimes include the addition of Polymers which help easy cleaning.

However, without the addition of Dye blockers, if stains penetrate through the first layer there is little protection to prevent staining from food colouring  such as Black or Herbal Teas, Red Wine, Cordial spills, Coffee and other Tannins.

EcoSan Solutions use products with all three protective qualities in the same product, Soil Shield [OIL and Water Barrier], Stain Shield [Dye Blocker] and soil retarding Polymers [Moisture and Dirt barrier].

EcoSan Fabric protection product protects the fiber completely, not just on top like conventional protectors. Our protectors work from inside out providing the most comprehensive protection.

How Often Fabric Protection Should Be Reapplied

The manufacturing process of Stain resistance products in Auckland and over the world is standardized. All products will perform relatively the same duration. This is to protect both our environment and human health. It is best practice to replace the fabric protection after a professional clean of the upholstery in Auckland. This is generally recommended annually.

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