Linen Upholstery

Linen fabric is a common high end covering for lounge suites and dining chairs. High quality linen will last longer and look better for many years outshining many less expensive fabrics on the market.

Despite having a distinguished and classy appearance, linen is strong and hard wearing. Many of EcoSan’s clients have large linen lounge suites and dining room furniture in homes to large dogs and children with the linen lasting and looking great for a decade and more.

Linen soiling conditions

Linen fabric can be dyed in many colours and shades but more than often Linen is presented in a neutral or white finish.

Linen is a natural fibre sourced from the flax plant and very strong but also absorbent textile. Soils such as perspiration – drink spills and environmental pollution can absorb into the fibres. This can lead to a slow discolouration and staining which only professional cleaning can restore.

EcoSan Cleaning Method

The Steam Extraction method is a very effective tool in full restorative cleaning of Linen. Linen can absorb soils deeply into the absorbent fibres and the flushing action of hot Steam extracts and removes these soils safely leaving behind only clean linen.

Cleaning Chemistry

Getting the right choice of chemistry is really important with Linen fabric. Despite Linen’ very resilient qualities it is considerably more sensitive to cleaning solutions used with other types of fabric. Acids, Oxidisers, alkaline and moisture can all have negative effects for Linen. Bleaching, water marking, yellowing and shrinking can occur with misuse.

EcoSan Solutions have a good understanding of the right choice of cleaning solutions for both general cleaning and permanent stain reduction.

Cleaning duration

Due to linen absorbent nature and sensitivity, Linen suites generally take more time to complete the cleaning process. Many larger suites can take 2.5 to 5.5 hours to complete – at this stage the suite will need time to dry.

Maintenance of Linen

Regular maintenance is recommended for Linen. For a household with children and pets or regular hosts to visitors an annual Steam clean is recommended.

All Linen suites and dining chairs, EcoSan usually will apply a high quality fabric protection to the fabric after completing the suite. These products protect the Linen fabric from premature discolouration and greatly decrease the labour required with regular maintenance as soils and stains will lift much more easily.

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