Micro Suede Upholstery Cleaning

Micro Suede Upholstery

Micro suede fabric is a synthetic textile made to imitate natural suede leather. High quality micro suede or faux suede can appear a very close imitation of real leather. Micro suede is a light weight fabric with remarkable resistance to staining and wear. Micro suede usually has a moisture resistance backing which will prevent spills from penetrating into the furniture’s padding or cushion.

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Wear and Tear Performance

The tiny fibres which make up the plie of micro suede are usually a solution dyed synthetic, such as Nylon, Polyesters or a mix of the two. Both these fibre types are very stain resistant and also strongly resistant to abrasion and agitation. This is why there are many lounge suites and other furniture’s still covered with this fabric as it can give many years of vibrant life to a lounge suite or other furniture.

Cleaning Micro fibre

Micro fibre is an easier care fabric with great wear and tear characteristic – it does however require regular cleaning as does any other fabric. The Nylon and Polyester fibres possess a moderate affinity to oils. This is because they are manufactured from oil. Body oils, organic and food based oils will adhere to the fibres and though they should not harm the fabric, over time these will need to be removed with professional cleaning to keep the furniture looking new, clean and also sanitary.

Cleaning heavily soiled Micro suede

Due to Micro fibre’ oleophilic qualities, it is possible to get heavy soiling over a period of time. The greasy soils such as perspiration from people and pets often noticed most on the arms and front of the cushions can build up and become difficult to remove. EcoSan Solutions have the appropriate cleaning chemical and equipment to safely remove this soil build up and restore the fabric to looking and feeling new and bright.

Fabric protection for Micro Suede

Despite micro suede possessing easy care qualities and high stain resistance, EcoSan Solutions will often apply a stain and soil resistance protective coating after cleaning your furniture. This is particularly beneficial in higher use environments, where there are pets of children or when the client may not clean the suite professionally as often as recommended. This treatment makes future professional cleaning more efficient and improves results.

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