Water Damage Restoration Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Water is capable of incredible damage in just a short period of time. But, no matter the cause or the extent of the damage, to prevent future problems, mitigation should be handled by a licensed, insured professional water restoration contractor. If you are a property owner that has a water damage loss, the following information may help answer some of your questions.

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How soon can you come out for an emergency water damage or flood situation?

When you are dealing with water damage, immediate action is crucial. We will try to be on site within one or two hours, to minimize secondary flood damage.

Can I repair the water damage myself?

Only if you have the required skills, training and equipment in-house while taking the proper steps and precautions. DIY mostly compounds the problem because it’s difficult to accurately diagnose the scope of the water damage. The use of non-commercial equipment (like a rented supermarket vacuum) will not properly extract all the water from the carpet and pad.

Will insurance cover the water damage to my property?

It depends on the source of the damage. Most insurance policies have a ‘gradual damage’ exclusion and are designed to cover sudden and accidental events that you couldn’t prevent. For example a pipe that suddenly bursts would be covered by insurance but one that slowly leaks would not. Other commonly covered water damage insurance claims we see are might be a toilet or washing machine line that breaks, or a water heater bursts and floods the home.

We are experienced such insurance claims and are here to help you.

After a flood, what should I do first?

For your safety, turn off the electricity and unplug/remove any electrical devices. Do not walk on wet carpet any more than necessary. You can remove small items from wet areas to prevent rust and stains and lift draperies to eliminate staining.

How long does it take to repair water damage?

Drying time will depend on the extent of the damage and saturation, and how long the property has been exposed to water.
The first step is to remove all standing water from flooring, wet carpet and other affected materials. Once the water is removed, dehumidifiers and other specialized equipment are used to dry the areas. If necessary, carpet and/or padding may also be removed for proper drying. In most cases, water damage to your home or business takes two to three days to dry. If your property has been exposed for an extended period of time, it could take as long as five days.

Do I need to replace the carpet?

In most cases, if your carpets were saturated by clean water, and if we get to them right away, they can be dried, sanitized and cleaned without damage. But, if the carpet has been wet for an extended period, water damage will cause what is called delamination (the backing separates from the fibers) and will usually require replacement. Also, if the water was from a non-clean source like sewage, the carpet will most likely need to be replaced.

Do you use harmful chemicals?

Our water damage restoration company use of anti-microbials or biocides during flood restoration services to prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and other contaminants. We always aim to use safe and effective anti-microbial solutions and can provide you with the Material Safety Data Sheets for more info. We recommend that you keep yourself, children, and pets away during the drying process.

Do I need to move out of my house during this process?

Your family’s safety is paramount so we require your supervision for making sure children do not play with equipment. Air movers and dehumidifiers will create some noise, but it is important that the equipment remains on.

There is a smell now, should I be worried?

Odours are normal during the drying process. Increased heat and humidity can lead to increased odours that may be coming from the drying building materials or dormant spill and accident areas. These normal odours are not the same as mold. As the drying process continues and humidity levels drop, you’ll notice these smells disappearing on their own. Deodorizers are often used to minimize the smell as well.

If you ignore the moisture, mold can begin to grow within 24-48 hours. It’s very important to take immediate action when you experience house flood damage of any type.

If you have questions in addition to these most common questions for water damage restoration, or you experience water damage to your Auckland area home or business and you need expert, please call us on 0800 326 726.

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