Inevitably carpeted flooring or area rugs will at some stage have spills or soiling happen. This can be a variety of products or substances. Dyed drinks – Red wine – Pet urine – Vomit – Cooking oils – Black Tea or Coffee etc.

Some products may damage carpets appearance such as those with synthetic or organic dyes and tannins.

Other products such Vomit and Urine have properties which can bleach the colour from the carpets or damage the natural fibres.

Other products may cause persistent odour issues such as Pet Urine & Wine spills.

The three most important considerations which may occur with spills are in this order:

  • Discolouration or bleaching of the carpets original colour
  • Staining or added dye from dyes or colours in the spill
  • Odour issues such as pet urine or wine spill
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Stain removal First Aid

Do Not apply Chemical, Water, Baking Soda, Salt or any substance before completing this first step!

Control the spill. This will prevent the spill from spreading and from gravity taking the spill deeper into the pile.

Use Dry towels and place on top of the spill and soak up any excess fluid which hasn’t already absorbed into the carpet. Repeat this by applying weight to the towel.  You may need several towels. This should be repeated until no moisture is transferred to a dry towel. Place a clean towel doubled over and stand on the towel for several seconds – After this is completed..

If the stain is larger or the carpet a heavy wool or silk place a clean towel doubled over and place a flat heavy object to apply constant pressure to the damp area to absorb every possible bit of moisture from the carpet. An upside down coffee table with weight placed on top is an effective method to add weight to the towel.

2nd Step

Food dyes such as Soft drink, Curry, Coffee, Black Tea, Hair Dye.

It is best to call a professional such as EcoSan Solutions for advice. Although many people believe acting quickly is most important, most of these dyes will fix immediately to the carpets fibres or after just a few seconds. Although there a several Tips for DIY these can affect the outcome if a professional is required to remove the stain.

Red wine

Once the first step is completed, add salt to the affected area. Apply gentle downward pressure. Do not massage in or rub the carpet. *Only apply salt if the stain is still damp and visible. Any remaining Red Wine can usually be professionally removed. Call EcoSan for further advice.

Pet Urine

Once the first step has been completed, some chemistry can be added to prevent discolouration of the carpet and to control odour. Baking Soda – Sodium Carbonate [Sugar soap] Enzyme solutions formulated for odour control, .2%-3% Hydrogen peroxide or Sodium Per-carbonate.

Do Not mix chemicals together or try more than one at any stage without seeking advice first.

It is very important to control any liquid solution by applying it to a towel and dabbing on to carpet. Do Not rub or agitate the carpet pile. Do Not apply wet chemicals directly to the carpet even if directed on the label.

*Hydrogen Peroxide and Sodium Per carbonate can remove colour in woolen carpets. Strong or repeated application can damage the wool fibre. Use with caution and call EcoSan for advice.


After step one has been completed some chemistry may be added to neutralise the contents in the vomit. Vomit can contain varying amounts of Hydro chloric acid. This can seriously damage woolen carpets. There is often dyes in the vomit such as red wine, food dyes and in combination of stomach acid may be permanent.

You can apply Baking soda, Sodium Carbonate [Sugar Soap] a strong Enzyme solution. Do not apply oxidising agents such as Peroxide or Sodium Per carbonate. Do Not use Eco friendly neutral cleaners on wool carpets. The combination of these solutions and vomit can create irreversible damage to the wool protein fibres.

Call EcoSan to extract the vomit, neutralise the acid and reduce any staining and sanitise the pile.

Cooking oils or mineral oils

Absorb any excess oil using dry Baking soda or powdered Sodium Carbonate [Sugar soap]

Do not apply to much. Call EcoSan Solutions to treat and extract the residual oils.

Important points before applying chemical or powders

Always control the chemicals and do not apply too much. Even baking soda can cause serious problems if too much is applied.

Never use laundry cleaners especially on wool carpets and rugs, many of these products contains ingredients which can damage the fibres and are very concentrated. Even small amounts can harm your carpet.

Never use dish wash solution on a wool carpet.

Do Not rub or agitate the carpet pile, especially when it is wet or has chemicals applied.

If you need any advice call EcoSan first.

Disclaimer: EcoSan Solutions or any affiliated company takes no responsibility for adverse reactions of Do it your self-methods. The above advice is general and not specific advice and all carpets, stains or spills may have their own considerations or limitations.

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