Triexta (Sorona, SmartStrand)

Triexta is the new kid on the block in the way of synthetic fibres used in carpeting. Triexta is modified polyester.
Polyester was used in carpeting during the seventies and marketed as an easy care, stain resistant carpets and inexpensive substitute to more expensive Nylons and Wools.

Early carpets with Polyester fibre where problematic due to is high static attraction. The fibres would attract pill and fluff from other fabric and these would adhere to the fibres. Even with a strong vacuum with a power head, the pilling was not easily removed. This can still be seen today in inexpensive floor coverings such as rugs which contain Polyester.

The other issue with Polyester is the inherent very low surface tension of the fibre. Surface tension is the ability for one substrate to cling to the other. When spills occur on these carpets, the fibre will not hold any of the spills due to its inability to absorb moisture – in combination to the low surface tension means the spill will quickly slip past the fibres and find their way to the bottom of the pile with the help of gravity. This can cause issues with regular carpet cleaning methods such as dry cleaning and steam cleaning as these methods cleans primarily the first two thirds of the fibre from the top.

Due to the physical effect of wicking, soils can surface to the visible fibres during drying after a clean – in these cases the carpets may be buffed to remove residual soils after drying. Polyesters also had a tendency the mat, (also known as pile crush) in high traffic area such doorways or in front of couches.

Polyester benefits

Polyester, similar to Solution Dyed Nylon cannot absorb moisture. The manufacture of Polyester also uses the solution dying method. The native dyes in the carpets are locked in and are strongly resistant to fading and highly resistant to staining from foreign dyes such as cordials, hot black tea and red wine.

Polyester is soft to the feel and feels comfortable under foot. It is softer than Nylon. Since consumers will often feel a carpet sample to check its texture, this is a key reason some may choose Polyester over Nylon by comparison.

Modern day Polyester

Polyester has been modified to embrace the soft feel and reputable stain resistance of Polyester. The manufactures of Triexta and Smartstrand have harnessed the beneficial qualities of the polyester and have reduced or removed the problematic characteristics such as pile crush and static attraction.

Unlike earlier versions of dispersed dyed Nylons and Polyesters, Triexta does not require the use of chemical stain and soils applications to enhance or keep the stain resistance performance of the product.

Triexta and sustainable manufacturing

Early Polyesters used in carpets were manufactured using petro chemicals alone. Some Triexta carpets are manufactured using a significant portion of Bio-PDO; a process using renewable corn feed stock. This process has a smaller environmental footprint and is sustainable.

Professional cleaning of triexta

Although Triexta is highly stain resistant and it’s very low surface tension will mean soils and dirt will not easily stick to the fibres, keeping carpets sanitary, smelling fresh, clean and hygienic mean they should be professionally cleaned every six to eighteen months. It is important with these carpets that professional cleaning is carried out by an experienced and trained operator to maintain and lengthen the life of your flooring investment.

Ecosan professional nylon carpet cleaning

Steam cleaning Triexta

The Steam injection and extraction method is suitable for Triexta carpets and is a favourite with many clients – Steam cleaning carpets will not leave chemical residuals in the fibres after cleaning due to the flushing and rinsing action of Steam extraction. It is gentle and very safe for Triexta and Smartstrand.

Dryer cleaning Methods

Dry cleaning methods are also popular with floors covered with Triexta and Smartstrand. These carpets absorbs almost no moisture, the benefits of dry cleaning can be maximised with this fibre allowing fast turnaround drying times. Dry cleaning is also great for enhancing the clean and bright appearance of these carpets in between Steam cleaning. Great for preparing for guests or after party spills.

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