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About Triexta Carpets

Triexta is a new synthetic fiber used in carpeting that has gained popularity in recent years. Triexta is a modified polyester that has been designed to offer improved durability and stain resistance. In the past, polyester was marketed as an inexpensive substitute for more expensive nylons and wools. However, early carpets made with polyester fibers were problematic due to their high static attraction, which would attract pill and fluff from other fabrics and adhere to the fibers.

Today, Triexta carpets have reduced or eliminated the problematic characteristics of earlier polyester carpets, such as pile crush and static attraction. Unlike earlier versions of dispersed dyed nylons and polyesters, Triexta does not require the use of chemical stain and soil applications to enhance or maintain the stain resistance performance of the product. Triexta carpet cleaning methods are very beneficial.

One of the benefits of polyester, similar to solution-dyed nylon, is that it cannot absorb moisture. This means that Triexta carpets are highly resistant to staining from foreign dyes such as cordials, hot black tea, and red wine. Triexta carpets are also soft to the touch, making them comfortable to walk on.

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Professional Cleaning for Triexta Carpets

Despite their stain resistance, it is important to have Triexta carpets professionally cleaned every six to eighteen months to maintain their appearance and hygiene. Professional cleaning should be carried out by an experienced and trained operator to lengthen the life of your flooring investment. Ecosan is a professional carpet cleaning service in Auckland that offers expert cleaning services for Triexta carpets.

Cleaning Methods for Triexta Carpets

Two popular methods of cleaning Triexta carpets are steam cleaning and dry cleaning. Steam cleaning is suitable for Triexta carpets and is a favorite with many clients, as it is gentle and very safe for Triexta and Smartstrand. Dry cleaning is also a popular option, as these carpets absorb almost no moisture, allowing for fast drying times. Dry cleaning is also great for enhancing the clean and bright appearance of these carpets in between steam cleaning.

Professional Cleaning Services in Auckland

At Ecosan, we offer both steam cleaning and dry cleaning services for Triexta carpets. Contact us today for a quote on our professional carpet cleaning services in Auckland.

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