Borer control, What you need to know

Why choose Ecosan for Borer control?

Selection of ingredients 

There a several approaches to Borer control which have been proven effective over time. All of these treatments have advantages and disadvantages. Some of these treatments have risks and the financial cost of each treatment is different.

It is important to be familiar with the particular services being offered by acknowledging what is the expected result for your investment and also what is not being received.

As is true of many services, often the financial outlay will reflect the quality of the service. For example Water based treatments are much faster to apply and consume less costly ingredients.

Solvent treatments are more expensive because they consume more time, materials, training, insurance, and ingredients. However the long term advantages of this treatment are significantly better.

Spraying a house to control borer

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Correct selection of ingredients

The incorrect selection of the ingredients presents several risks to your Borer control site. Examples include:

  • A persistent or irreparable residual odour resulting from inexpensive or incorrect chemical choice

  • Increased fire risk due to less refined and inexpensive chemical choice

  • Damage to PVC or other type of plumbing due to reactivity to chemical solution

  • Inconsistency in the application due to incorrect mixing of chemicals or poor judgement

  • Damage to ceiling linings

  • Incorrect choice of ingredients where moisture is too high, timbers are varnished or rotten

Choosing the right pest control technician

Many buildings Ecosan has inspected over the years have been previously treated with some method for the control of Borer. Usually by a previous owner.

Often there are indications of Borer activity and at first observation the Borer appears inactive, as if the previous treatment has been successful.

However quite often when our technician’ venture deeper into the crawlspace of the ceiling or the under site it becomes evident that Borer is indeed active in the furthest most perimeter of the site.

Why is this?

Often the reason behind this occurrence is not because Borer prefers these areas, rather, the previous company or their employee failed to properly access these areas during the treatment. Of course it is very difficult for the client to gauge the success of the work solicited as they do not have the knowledge or seldom inspect these areas of their building. Also they are not onsite during the treatment due to health and safety laws. It is very difficult even for a professional to confirm if areas have been correctly treated. Only the technician doing the work has this knowledge.

It is not uncommon for technicians to enter into the roof void or the crawl space and utilise a blower type machine which pushes the active ingredients into the air space. This treatment is suitable for spiders and other insects and sometimes shorter term Borer treatment. However it is not suitable for professional Borer treatment.

These methods are however common and much faster than the appropriate methods. Also using less chemical outlay, they present an attractive option for some operators.

It is in the best interests of the home owner to ensure proper methods are used during treatments to avoid a false sense of security held in the treatment company.

Evidence of due diligence

Often our clients ask if there is some evidence thorough work has been undertaken in their building after Borer treatment.

Borer control solutions are invisible so a visual inspection cannot verify properly discharged services.

In these instances, it is not practical to utilize a dye as proof the treated area has been completed as used in the timber treatment at the mill, also this would mean the client must enter the treatment area and carry out an inspection.


Where ever possible Ecosan will document the treatment process. This can be provided to our clients as reassurance the work paid for has been carried out as expected. For more information on our processes contact our Ecosan team today.

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