You may be surprised to know that a weekly vacuum isn’t enough for your carpets. Why? Proper carpet cleaning Auckland homes may actually be trickier than you think. Since carpets are made from different types of material—nylon, wool, cotton, etc—it can be difficult to get rid of underlying debris with a single vacuum clean. Most carpets require a more thorough cleaning process. Today, we look into the benefits of regular deep cleaning of carpets and explain how routine deep cleaning done by professionals is vital to achieve a healthy and safe environment for your family.

No foul odours

One of the most basic benefits of carpet deep cleaning is its ability to get your carpets to smell good and clean. This is especially beneficial for homeowners who have pets that mostly stay indoors. Pets may leave strong odours that regular scrubbing won’t be able to exterminate. Here at Ecosan, we use cleaning agents appropriate for your carpets, with tough yet safe and family-friendly formulas, to remove even the harshest odours.

Remove unseen dirt and bacteria

While it’s good to vacuum, you should know that only the surface dirt is removed by vacuum cleaning. Everything else pretty much stays in there. Dirt and bacteria, embedded in the fibres of your carpet, will build up as long as you don’t get it professionally cleaned. Even if they remain unseen, the effects of these contaminants can present themselves in many other ways. They can cause unwanted allergies and can trigger breathing problems for family members and guests who suffer from asthma. With a deep clean done by professionals, you’re assured that any trapped dust particles, allergens, and bacteria are removed.

Prevent dust mite infestations

Aside from breathing difficulties, unclean carpets that don’t get regular deep cleaning can cause more serious problems such as dust mite infestations. These microscopic creatures are also a major source of allergens, and create a higher risk for mould to develop in your home. With regular and professional deep cleaning, dust mites will be reduced and your carpets will not grow mould, because you know professionals give an adequate amount of drying time as part of their process.

Improve carpet appearance

Carpets can turn unsightly, especially when they haven’t been deep cleaned for years. From coffee spills, to food and wine stains, carpets go through a lot. By having your carpets professionally cleaned regularly, you reduce the chances of these stains staying on your carpets permanently, and get your floors to look as good as new!

Extend the life of your carpet

As mentioned above, only expert carpet cleaners know how to best deal with different types of carpets, when undergoing deep cleaning. For example, wool carpet cleaning involves specific techniques and gentle cleaning solutions that are suitable to take care of the natural protein makeup of wool yarns.
Employing proper techniques, your carpet’s health will improve. With the knowledge of experts, you get peace of mind knowing your carpet gets the best cleaning methods for maintaining material integrity. Working with trained professionals will assure you of high-quality treatments that won’t damage your carpets, and can actually extend its life spans.

Leave your carpet to the experts!

While weekly vacuuming is still worth doing, a regular deep clean every six to twelve months will get the best results. With this in mind, you should hire experts who can do the job professionally, just like Ecosan. Ecosan Solutions specialises in professional carpet cleaning services, including upholstery, wool, and nylon carpet cleaning. We use organically sourced cleaning solutions, that are safe for your family. Contact us today!