Be it summer or winter, pests are always on the lookout for food, water, and shelter, and plenty will find everything they need in our homes. In exchange for refuge, these pests repay us by damaging property and threatening our health. To limit the risk of pest infestation in our homes, it’s important to take precautionary measures and proactively consult with your local pest control services. Today, we share six useful tips and tricks we’ve gathered from years of experience in the industry, so that you can enjoy a pest-free home all year.

1. Seal possible entry points

One of the easiest ways for pests to infiltrate your home is through gaps around entry points, like under your front door or through a tear in a window screen. Inspect your home and address areas where you can feel a draft, as these can be easy access points for pests to enter. This includes patching holes in walls, caulking small crevices, repairing torn screens, sealing gaps, replacing worn-away weather-stripping, and keeping doors closed as often as possible.

2. Sanitise homes regularly

Maintaining a clean, odourless home is critical for keeping pests away. Pests gravitate towards messes where darkness and moisturereign. Piles of sweaty laundry, bowls of spoilt fruit or vegetables, and dank, mildew-stained bathroom corners are particularly inviting. Regularly clean your countertops, mop floors, and vacuum mattresses and couches to ward off bed bugs and roaches.

3. Keep it dry

Moist, warm areas make it easy for pests to thrive. Inspect pipes beneath your sink for possible leakages. Check your basements and attics regularly for dampness and consider dehumidifiers when necessary.

4. Remove alternative sources of food and water

If you have pets in your home, you likely have food and water bowls exposed around the clock. These can be inviting for pests like rats and fruit flies. Be mindful of your pets’ food and water supplies. Replace their water daily to keep it fresh and clean their bowl like you would any other dish if you feed them canned pet food. Always store your pet food in sealed containers and away from the floor.

5. Maintain your gardens

While we all want to keep pests out of our homes, it’s also important to safeguard our gardens. Piles of foliage can compost, becoming breeding grounds for pests right outside your front door. You can limit your garden’s accommodation of pests by keeping your lawn cut, picking up fallen leaves, branches and fruits, and trimming back hedges and shrubs. For effective wood borer control, cut out and remove any dead and rotting trees.

6. Call qualified pest professionals for preventative treatment

Though these safety measures can effectively limit your exposure to pests, it never hurts to welcome the help of qualified pest professionals. You don’t need to wait until a pest problem is out of control before you bring in the big guns. Pest control professionals can provide annual inspections, fumigations, and treatments to keep your home as uninviting to pests as possible. Remember, prevention is preferable to reaction, and much less expensive.

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